How To Pick A Good Massage Therapy School?

So you have decided to become a massage therapist. Now what do you do? You have the right personality and the right attitude but you need the right training and license to become a massage therapist. So how do you select the right school for studying massage therapy?

Here’s how:

  • Check for accreditation

It’s very important to look for schools that have been accredited by your state’s education board or vocational-training agency. The classes and courses that you take at that school should adhere to the licensing requirements of your state, especially if you decide to pursue the course at an out-of-state university. Some of the schools are accredited by COMTA (Commission on Massage Therapy Accreditation). Others may be accredited by other recognized bodies.

  • Find out how long has the school been giving massage therapy training

The experience of the school does matter, especially since there are numerous schools sprouting up, offering massage therapy training. The percentage of successful graduates and the school’s reputation within the local community are also important factors to consider before you make a choice.

  • Research the school well

How large are the training classes? Is the faculty well-trained in massage therapy? What sort of study approach and curriculum does the school follow? These are some crucial questions that you need to find the answers to.
There are many different approaches to massage therapy that are taught and practiced. A few of the techniques of teaching are:

    • Relaxation and Stress Reduction
    • Corrective treatment
    • Optimizing performance
    • Balancing energy
    • Body and Mind Integration

Find out what approach is followed by your school of choice. Talk to the faculty if possible and even some of the students to gauge the program. Some training schools specialize in training students for niche areas or industries such as medical and clinical therapeutic work, spa treatments, etc. So it’s important to match your interest area with the school that offers you training in that area.

  • Check Faculty qualifications

An experienced massage therapist may be a bad teacher or a good one. Teaching and training require a different set of skills. Sometimes there are visiting faculties. But, it is still important to find out whether the massage therapist is trained to teach.

  • Check the admission requirements

Some schools have clinical requirements that you need before you can graduate. Find out about class schedules; whether the courses are part-time or full-time. Gather all the necessary documentation before applying.

  • Find out about the kind of training given

Are the lessons in the classroom delivered with traditional tools? Is it more theory or practical focused? Is there use of technology in the classroom sessions? Gather this information before you apply to the right school. Massage therapy also requires business skills training. The courses at the school must include business skills training and marketing knowledge.

  • Check the post-graduation employment statistics

At the end of every training program, it is important that you have a job. Also, the salary should help you recover at least some of the cost you spent on the program. Research the school’s reputation among employers; what kinds of job opportunities are available for new graduates? Reach out to the placement staff and get your doubts resolved.

  • Find out about financial aid

In these difficult times, it is good to have your education fully-funded or partially-funded. Find out more about the school’s financial aid options. Are there any teaching positions available that offer you the chance to receive a stipend? Can you bear the tuition costs?

The school that you finally select must be committed to teaching massage therapy. It should be well-known within the community and must offer its graduates good placement opportunities. Do your research well and pick the right massage therapy school.

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