How To Plan A Stag Party

Stag party is considering as men’s last party of his single life. The groom will surely miss the previous days of reckless partying and dunking nights in married life. It provides a great opportunity for groom and his friends to enjoy the last day of groom’s freedom and make it memorable. The stag party is also called as bachelor party the reason behind this is, only bachelors are invited no married persons are allowed. The groom is the center of attraction for the entire group who is present with them. At this party the groom is free to engage in the activities which he is not allowed. It is a day when he spends his time with his friends without any tension or restriction. While planning for the party there are several activities which one should consider given below are some of the points which will assist you in planning for stag parties.

Choose a Destination-First of all one must choose the place where you want to have the party. Private residence is the best place for stag party as it not allow you to deal with the police. This party can occur anywhere but having a proper place would surely make you satisfied. The stag party generally includes booze, strippers or gambling for spending some good time with close buddies. These parties can be indoor or outdoor. Indoor party generally takes place in a small room with whiskey and beers and loud music along with strip dancing where as outdoor party takes place in local night clubs, bars and restaurants with some loud music and boozes to cheer the hearts.

The Guests List-A stage party generally includes the groom and his group of friends. The best man is the one who gives the invitation to the friends and relatives of the groom usually male only. These parties does not have a time limit on them.

Set day and Budget-If you are thinking that the day before wedding day is the perfect then you need to think again. There is need to plan the party up to a month before the wedding day so that groom get some free time before the wedding, one can specially plan on any weekend. Two weeks before the wedding day might be the best time for having a party. Budget is one of the most essential factors which should needed to be kept in mind. Its everybody’s party so all close friends must contribute equally and also ask the groom how much he is willing to spend on the party. Thus, stag party is a huge day for all so there is a need to prepare some special plans for making it memorable.

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