How To Prepare For A Big Move

Moving to a new home is a huge undertaking, and it’s good to be well prepared for it. Here are a few things that you can do to make your transition to another place of residence as seamless as possible.

Have a Yard Sale
Moving will not be such an ordeal if you can clear out a lot of the clutter ahead of time. One of the best ways to do this is to have a yard sale. Go through the house and gather up any of your unwanted items, then assign them prices and have a yard sale. Through social media, you can advertise your sale for free, though it’s still a good idea to put up signs and run an ad in the classified section of the newspaper. Ask friends if they’d like to bring some things over and sell with you. Remember that your goal is to have less stuff to move, so don’t worry about making a lot of money. Whatever cash you earn can be put into the moving fund. Donate the rest of your items to a thrift store or rummage sale.

Solicit Help
While all that packing may seem overwhelming to you, it won’t be so bad if you invite some friends over to help. You can turn it into a kind of party, with everyone pitching in and pizza, beverages and snacks readily available. One great way to get friends to help is to mention it on social media websites. You can even create an event page for it and invite people. This way, you can also delegate specific tasks ahead of time. One person can be in charge of packing up the china, while another can deal with heavy furniture. It can also be an opportunity to deepen friendships, particularly if you allow your friends to take something home with them as a memento or reward them with a gift certificate or cash. Additionally, if you are not moving out of the area, offer to help them move when the time comes.

Pack Carefully
Don’t wait until the week of moving to do all your packing. Create a checklist to help you stay organized and keep it close. Begin to pack up your belongings gradually, putting everything in clearly marked bins and boxes. Be mindful of what you are packing up. If anything is breakable, be sure to cushion it with bubble wrap, newspapers or soft fabric such as towels or blankets. Consider the layout of your new home and indicate on each box what room it should be placed in. That can be a big help once you reach your destination. You may also want to ask around to see if anyone has a garage or other storage space that you can utilize so that you don’t have to deal with everything at once. As difficult as packing is, unpacking is an ordeal in itself, so if you can made the process any less complicated, that’s a good thing.

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