How To Prepare Your Off-Road Adventure

If you are planning for an off-road adventure, you definitely want it to be fun and safe. With this, it is better to plan your off-road trip ahead of time. When planning your trip, you should always consider to have a set of guidelines that will help you become prepared in dealing with off-road emergencies. These guidelines will surely provide you with hassle-free and fun-filled off-road adventure with your friends or family.

What To Bring?
Whether you explore the outdoors on an all-terrain vehicle or ATV, dirt bike, SUV, or dunebuggy, there is a list of important handy supplies or equipment that you should bring to help you take care of yourself and your vehicle.

1. Make sure to carry the following equipment/materials with you: pocket knife; duct tape; insurance, license, vehicle registration; a flashlight including spare batteries; navigation items such as compass; GPS device, and maps; fire extinguisher; emergency flare; winch or winches; first aid kit; credit card, cash, and a mobile phone for emergency purposes; and of course, do not forget the food and beverages. It is better to bring more of bottled water and energy bars.

2. To ensure that your vehicle is safe and in proper running order, do not forget to bring wire cutters; winch; a spare tire and a tire repair kit; bungee cord, parachute cord, tow strap, and zip ties; engine oil; WD-40; extra wiper blades; and a tank sealant putty. One more thing, you should also have a toolkit which contains pliers, hammer, screwdrivers, sockets, wrenches, as well as various types of nuts and bolts.

3. If possible, you may choose to bring added spare parts for the vehicle you’ll be using, such as belts, brake line, hose clamps and hoses, oil, air, and fuel filters. These equipment are pretty difficult to store, but it is always wise to be ready all the time.

What About the Vehicle to Use?
When you are planning to set out for an off-road adventure, you also need to consider one important thing: the size of the 4WD that you are going to use. For instance, you are planning to use a small sized 4WD, it would be impossible to use it when you want to cross the Simpson Dessert because it is not capable of carrying even a 100-litre fuel. This type of 4WD is suitable for a weekend getaway on the beach. On the other hand, when you want to use a full-sized 4WD, it would be impossible to bring it in a high-rise car park. Indeed, it is always advisable to consider the size of the 4WD that you are going to use in your off-road adventure.

You might think that planning for an off-road adventure is a daunting task. However, you must keep in mind that being equipped with the necessary tools, equipment, materials, and knowledge can provide you with a fun-filled off-road adventure.

Robert works for Jacks Winches, a supplier of winches for hire.

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