How To Promote Your Small Business Successfully Using Social Media Marketing

Whether you are a small business owner or just considering to become, I am sure you already know you can improve your online presence and boost your rankings  with social media marketing strategy. the problem is many people are doing SMM in a wrong way. These tips will help you to learn how to perform your Social media marketing campaign properly and stand out from the crowd.

Social Media Marketing- Where to start?
Your social media accounts needs to look professional. Remember, you are promoting your website and your business over the social networks. Be professional.  It is really  important to have a presence on the most important social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Quora… Make a unique profile. Be polite and answer to any question your followers might have about your business.  Shortly, make your profile interesting.  This strategy can attract more visitors from many sources over your social accounts.

Also, don’t  forget to post a link to your website on  your social accounts.  If somebody stumble upon your social profile, he (or she)  will need to find out more about your products  before decide to purchase anything from you.

Be Creative when it comes to social media marketing. Don’t spam!
You need to be creative. Posting the same links to your website, or same posts about your products or services will surely annoy your followers. They will more likely  remove you from their page, if you do that on a daily basis. Keep your posts  interesting  and unique. That way you will increase the number of your followers and turn them into an engaging  customers. Remember, the number of followers is a measurement of your success in SMM.

Like I mentioned above – ask questions and answer the questions. Interact as much as possible. Ask your followers to share their experience  and testimonials about your product . Encourage them to, for example,  post on your FB wall a story related to your industry. Then  you can select the best stories and give some reward to the chosen ones. It can be a discount or anything.

Some useful tips in conversation
You should  always speak in the 2nd person perspective when advertising your products on the social networks. Be patient with your potential customers. Don’t rush them to buy anything. Don’t offer them your products. Instead of blatantly promoting, offer them your product as a solution to their problem.

What makes social media marketing so powerful? Simply, the possibility of interaction with your potential buyers. Use that advantage.  Tweets, answering the questions on a Facebook groups related to your niche, useful posts on related forums…it all can benefit  to your business.

Lists – people on social networks simply  love the lists. Use it often. Lists are powerful weapon to promote your products. They are easy  to read and to share. If you spend some time and make an excellent top 10 or even top 100 lists about your niche, you will increase a chance to go viral.

These would be a common, yet powerful tips to handling your social media marketing campaign in a proper way. If you have more tips, please share.

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