How To Protect Your Dogs During Winter

You want your dogs to stay warm and safe during the winter season. The numbing cold and the wetness of the season require you to take these simple extra precautions. This way, you can ensure these pets to remain healthy and happy.

Keep them indoors
As soon as the temperature drops, indoors is the best place for your dogs. Wind chill can pressure the safety of your pets regardless of their age.

Proper clothing for warmth and comfort
When you are taking them outside for walks and exercise, it is best that you make them comfortable with a sweater. You may also want to consider buying booties and shoes for your dogs. This can protect them from the coldness and the unsafe chemicals from the snow melt.

Dog’s grooming
A properly trimmed and brushed coat is the best natural protection dogs can get. Pet grooming allows your dogs to retain body heat. It deters the wetness and coldness of winter. Snow can stick at the hairs between the feet of your dogs, so remember to trim it regularly.

Shelter for Big Dogs
Bigger dogs can survive outdoors in winter especially with a dry, warm, and cozy shelter. Dog houses must be placed near the house and turned away from the direction of the wind. A warm bed requires fresh straw or cedar shavings. This can prevent them from contacting infection.

Special Winter Diet
Dogs need more food to regulate their metabolism and increase body heat. Keeping their body warm depletes their energy. Be prepared to adjust their food to aid them in keeping up with the challenges of the weather.

Continuous Water Flow
Dogs need to drink water more often to keep them warm. The weather can turn their water to ice so it is greatly recommended that you check the water dish regularly to ensure a steady flow. Stay away from metal and opt for plastic bowls.  The tongue of your dog may get stuck and ice over the metal.

Avoid using antifreeze
Antifreeze is sweet and is attractive to your pets, but has toxic qualities. If you cannot avoid it, be sure that all the spills are wiped up. Store your household chemicals in a safe place. Better still, you can use coolant-antifreeze with propylene glycol. Swallowing small amounts of this stuff cannot harm your precious dogs.

Keep close to your dogs
Dogs are cuddly animals and crave for the company of humans. Make your dogs healthy and happy by keeping them close to you and your family. Take them outside for their walks and exercise as they need the warmth of your love now more than any other season. Keep them closer to home and they can give you warmth in return.

This article was written by Artchee Mendoza exclusively for this site. Artchee also writes for, dog groomers in Charlotte NC.

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