How To Redecorate Your Home When You Have Teenagers

It doesn’t matter how old a child gets, he will always be a baby in his parents’ eyes. But there comes a time when that drawing of an elephant plastered on the refrigerator will look awkward, when the car-shaped bedframe would seem out of place or when the basketful of Legos needs to find a new home.

Behold, the teenage phase. This is an awkward stage when kids feel that they are older than they actually are. Teenagers are complex but remarkable individuals. They like expressing themselves and making informed decisions. And as they journey along the path to self-discovery, they develop a unique appreciation for things around them. The childhood décor and huggable stuffed animals might already be too cute for their taste.

As children grow older, they need a space that complements their style, their needs, and their preferences. They need a home design that understands them. Parents need to redecorate their space fit for a creative, dynamic, and unique teenager.

Embrace teenagehood for it is an exciting and fundamental phase in your child’s life. Make your home more teenage-friendly with these teen-approved design ideas.

More grown-up feel

How To Redecorate Your Home When You Have Teenagers

Stop denying it. Your baby is now a grown-up, so treat him like one. Get rid of the Disney-themed bed coverings and curtains. Discuss with them what they like and work around it. Designing their bedroom could be the first grown-up thing they’ll do.

Go bold with colors

The neutral-colored living room may be too boring for a teenager. Pastel colors in the bedroom may come off as too sweet. Let teenagers express themselves with bold color combinations. Solid colors such as red or black are classic anyway and can transform a clean, contemporary look into a glamorous and sophisticated space. You may also use a pop of color to highlight a piece or a corner.

But if you think dusky blue or hot red is too much for common spaces such as the living and dining area, give them freedom when it comes to their bedrooms. If they want to go bold or bright, let them be.

Provide plenty of storage space

You might not care a bit about gadgets and all those tangled cables, but your teenager surely does. Incorporate design ideas that will allow them to organize the things that are important to them. Help them organize by providing plenty of storage space. Do not just settle with bulky cabinets. You may also explore open shelves, floating shelves, baskets, bins, and multifunctional storage spaces.

Create a place where they can hangout

How To Redecorate Your Home When You Have Teenagers

Now that the kids are teenagers, expect them to spend more time with friends outside the house. And so now, you must think of design ideas that will make them miss being at home more. Create a hangout spot that they will love. It could be a nook where they can read or watch their favorite series, a hammock where they can chill out, or extra seating space in their bedrooms to accommodate guests.

Add youthful art

Get into the teen vibe by adding a youthful twist to aesthetic elements of your house. That panoramic painting of the sunset may not really be exciting for teenagers. Consider oversized wall décor, decals, hip wallpaper or pop art. These suggestions could stand out as unique elements that can very well express your teen’s personality.

Keep up with their interest

How To Redecorate Your Home When You Have Teenagers

Teenage years are all about explorations and discoveries. For example, they suddenly discover that they are fascinated with automotive or rock formations or nature or volcanoes. Whatever their interests are, show your support by incorporating elements of their interest when you redecorate. These could also be a point of conversation and a bonding opportunity for parents and children.

Create a work space

Teens need their own space where they can study or focus on their passion. They would need a space where they can organize their thoughts and bring out their creativity. It would be helpful to incorporate a work space where your teenager can do his homework, surf  the Internet (with supervision), organize his own schedule, draw or write. This is a way of facilitating organization and productivity.

Be hip with security

Teenagers are at a point when they are eager to take responsibility. They are confident that they can handle anything. This is a perfect time for parents to introduce teens to the importance of home security. It is a good thing that modern security systems can now be accessed and controlled via mobile devices, something that teens would be very comfortable with. At the same time, security systems do more than just secure a property, they also help manage a home. Take this as a way to educate your children not just about safety but also about responsibility.

Make environment sleep-friendly

According to the National Sleep Foundation, teenagers need an average 8 to 10 hours of sleep every day. But with the many things keeping them busy, they normally sleep a lot less. A Stanford Medicine study reported that sleep deprivation is an epidemic among teens.

Help your kid sleep longer and better at night by providing an environment that lets him do so. Eliminate gadgets  from your teen’s bedroom such as TV and game consoles. You may also add design elements such as blackout window treatments and a comfortable mattress.

When you redecorate your home to make it more teenager-friendly, make sure you discuss it with your child. Show him that you listen to his suggestions, supports his interests, and understands his needs. Try not to dictate, but rather work as a team. Redecorating your home with your teenage child can be a crucial exercise for parents to get to know their kids better.