How To Remove An AC Delco Distributor Rotor

If you’re like me, you would carefully consider any amount of work that needs to be done to your vehicle before ever wondering if you should approach a shop.  While convenient, a shop often will charge above and beyond for the services that they supply.  This means that while you are paying for your part, you are also stuck paying for the service that the mechanic supplies, as well as a surcharge for their time.  Garages will often tell you that this is a fee to “keep the lights on”.

Most garages are concerned with the bottom-line these days, so taking your Chevy S10 to a shop might illicit sighs or groans given then scope of the work.  This isn’t to say that you have a poor or problematic vehicle, but in the age of small econoboxes, a truck is usually the last thing on a mechanic’s mind.

Why pay an individual two to five times the amount of money to remove and potentially repair a piece of your vehicle that you can do yourself for nothing?

This article will teach you how to remove your AC Delco brand Distributor rotor on a Chevrolet S10, manufactured between 1991 and 1993.  All that you’ll need for this simple operation is a Philips-headed screwdriver, and a bit of your time.

As some backstory, GM’s branch of Service and Parts operations includes AC Delco, which manufactures components found in Chevrolet S-10 trucks.  There are many components of the truck’s engine, and one of these said parts is the distributor.  Within the truck’s distributor lies the rotor.  A distributor will cease to function if said rotor wears out, which will prevent the spark plug’s electrical current from flowing.  Removing the rotor from the distributor housing will allow you to correct this problem.

Tools you’ll need for this operation:  One Philips-headed screwdriver.

Instructions for removal of the AC Delco Distributor Rotor:

  1. Gain access to your vehicle’s engine bay by releasing the latch for your hood (found inside the cabin on the driver’s side).  Remove the wing nuts which fasten the air cleaner to the top of the engine.  Once the cover has been removed, you may lift the air filter from the engine and set it aside.
  2. Using your screwdriver, unscrew the distributor’s cap.  This cap will need to be pulled straight up in order to free it from the distributor’s body.
  3. Carefully, using your screwdriver, remove the rotor from the distributor’s body by unscrewing the rotor.  Once unscrewed, remove the rotor from the body of the distributor.

Once you’ve removed the rotor from the vehicle, it can be physically inspected.  If you’ve decided to retain the existing rotor, apply and fixes that you need to before following the rebuild steps.  Otherwise, discard the legacy rotor, and retrieve your new rotor.

Before placing the rotor back into the distributor, physically inspect it for any defects which may have occurred during the manufacturing phase.  If the piece does not look structurally sound (or is damaged), return or discard it in favor of a version that does not have any imperfections.

To re-install your new or refurbished AC Delco Distributor Rotor:

  1.  Place the rotor back into the body of the distributor, then carefully screwing the rotor back into place within its housing
  2. Find the cap that you removed from the distributor earlier.  Then, using a straight-down motion, set it into place and screw it down.

Finally, retrieve the air filter first removed when your build began.  Fasten it into place on top of the engine using the wing nuts that initially held it in place.

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Ricky David writes on behalf of Elreg, a company which deals in delco distributor parts.

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