How To Revitalise Your Home Without Breaking The Bank

After the extravagant Christmas and New Year period, the purse strings are likely to be pulled that little bit tighter by a large number of households, yet what happens if you really need to revitalise your home as we start off a new year? This post has been put together to provide plenty of hints, tips and useful information to ensure that you can complete your much needed renovation or redecoration project within your home without breaking the bank along the way;

Utilise Second Hand Shops

When you are after a new item of furniture but can’t necessarily afford to buy new, a trip to your local second hand or charity shop could be all it takes to find the item you’ve been looking for. Specialist second hand and charity furniture stores are popping up in towns and cities across the UK and offer the perfect opportunity to purchase a great item of furniture at a great price, whether it be a sofa, dining room table or chest of drawers!

Take Advantage of Ex-Display Models

Another great money saving tip when attempting to revitalise your home is to take advantage of ex-display models. As they have been out on the shop floor, customers are less inclined to want them, which means the price is generally reduced and you can get a great looking product at a bargain price. From full kitchens through to tables and chairs, bookcases and beds, no matter which room in the house you are refurbishing, there is likely to be at least one shop available that has an ex-display item of furniture available to you.

Create Light without New Windows

One of the best ways to revitalise a room is to add light, yet the introduction of new windows can be very expensive. If new windows are out of your financial reach, consider the way in which the current lights you have within the room are working. The simple repositioning of lights or the installation of spot lights in the ceiling or more wall lights could be all it takes to considerably improve the appearance of the room, making for a lighter, more inviting space without having to spend too much.

Call on Friends and Family

If you have a task that is likely to involve the assistance of a professional, try and call on family and friends first before scouring the internet for a suitable contractor. Even if you end up with a friend of a friend, there is a good chance that they will be able to complete the work required at a friends or family rate, therefore ensuring you get the required work completed without having to spend a fortune. As they say, if you don’t ask, you don’t get!

Whilst it might not initially seem as though you have enough money to complete a project that is going to revitalise your home, by following the tips and advice detailed above, you can create the home you that desire without having to break the bank to do so!

This post was written by Oliver Kyle on behalf of Cascada Bathrooms; suppliers of stunning bathroom suites, furniture and everything else you need to create the perfect bathroom within your home.

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