How To Select The Right Electric Toothbrush For Your Kid?

Electric toothbrushes for kids have become one of the most exciting new technology gadgets like the Zigbee vs Z-wave, Smart things, and other smart devices. Usually, parents tend to invest less in a kids toothbrush but more in their personal electric toothbrush but that is not how it should be. The quality of a child’s electric toothbrush needs to top notch or equivalent to that of yours (as a parent). A low quality electric toothbrush can turn into an abrasive toothbrush really fast and the brush head gets damaged before time.

Thus, while you shop for an electric toothbrush, you need to consider somethings. Here we have summed up 4 major factors to evaluate before you pick the best electric toothbrush for kids:

  1. Toothbrush Head’s Size and Shape:

The brush head size and shape needs to be the very first consideration for parents. Make sure that the toothbrush you pick suits your child’s age. Each electric toothbrush is suitable for a specific age due to which the brush head size and shape is appropriate accordingly. Kids who are small and their mouth and teeth are in the development area need to be considered specifically as you don’t want to invest in a toothbrush that doesn’t even fit in your kid’s mouth.

  1. Plaque Removal:

What do we all need toothbrushes? The main task that needs to be performed by any toothbrush is to remove plaque. The best electric toothbrush for kids is going to be amazing in removing plaque from the kid’s teeth. It will be able to reach out to all the areas of the mouth that the kid cannot manage on cleaning on his/her own.

Plaque removal is the key factor that plays a crucial role in maintaining the oral hygiene of any being, be it be kids or adults. It prevents the formation of cavities. If a lot of plaque settles on the tooth, it begins to struggle for nutrients that it requires for fighting cavities and decay. Thus, you must consider the plaque removal ability of the toothbrush before investing in it. Read through reviews and make sure that you get it from a well-reputed company as well. 

  1. Bristle Quality:

When you are buying an electric toothbrush for your child, you need to keep in mind that the bristle quality of the brush must be incredible. It is highly recommended that the brush head must be changed every second month so that the bristles don’t become too worn out or hard for the kid to use. But if you buy a high quality electric toothbrush then you will see that the brush head survives for at least 3 months or even 4, before it needs a replacement. Bristles which are not soft and are made from cheap material work out faster and are not comfortable for kids as well. Thus it is important to make sure that the bristles of the toothbrush are soft and gentle for your little one.   

  1. Power Source:

While buying an electric toothbrush, make sure that you pick the one which is rechargeable and not powered by a battery. Battery powered electric toothbrushes are not really top notch in quality. When you pick a rechargeable electric toothbrush, you will see that you do not have to worry about the batteries being replaced too often.


User friendliness and comfort of the child holds utmost importance while picking the best electric toothbrush for kids. It is essential that you consider the gentleness of the bristles and keep the brush head size and shape in mind too. Just by keeping these 4 major things in mind, you will be able to select the best electric toothbrush for kids.

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