How To Spruce Up Your Hallway

The hallway is probably the first thing you look at when you walk into your home so you want to make sure it looks the best it possibly can do. Instead of going for patterns or bright colours go for soothing neutrals so when you come home from a stressful school run or a hectic day at work you’ll immediately feel a sense of calm as soon as you enter the house. Creams and beiges go perfectly and you can always add pops of colours with furnishings and accessories.

Cream carpets aren’t very practical if you’ve got children or pets as they stain so easily with all the muddy shoes that come in and out of the hallway so think about darker carpets with flecks in that will make dirt less noticeable or try floorboards? You could rip up the carpet and see what’s underneath, if there’s floorboards already there then see if you can save some money by sanding and polishing them back to their original state or try doing a DIY job and fitting some wooden boards or tiles down depending on the size of your hallway.

The hallway naturally leads to the staircase so make sure you continue with the neutral or colour theme all the way up the stairs. You don’t need to carpet it; if you have limestone or wooden stairs you could have a thinner piece of carpet going up the stairs or just carpet each stair to soften the hard floor for your feet or any accidents.

If you decide on wooden furniture to adorn your hallway make sure the colour matches your banisters or if not sand the banister down and repaint with a varnish that matches the wooden furniture. A table or bookcase go well with most hallways as you can add ornaments or vases of flowers and give the room more colour. Add pictures, paintings or framed photographs of your family, friends and pets if you want to give the room more of a personal touch and hang mirrors on the walls if you want to create the illusion of having a spacious hallway that goes on and on.

If your hallway is more practical that decorative go for a darker coloured wall paper or paint on the bottom half of the wall so scuffs and marks aren’t as noticeable and go for wooden baskets or boxes to keep shoes, toys and dog leads in without compromising on style. You can add decorative features such as a key hanger on the wall or fruit bowl that provide a function at the same time as looking chic.

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