How To Stay Safe On Your Roof

Safety is extremely important when you are either inspecting work done on your roof or performing the task yourself. At such heights, ladders and steep roof slopes can be quite dangerous. With these simple precautions, you can ensure your rooftop safety:

Do Not Work Alone
When working on your roof for a prolonged period of time, it is necessary to have someone keep an eye on you or spot the ladder. This ensures that when an accident occurs, they can promptly call the paramedics.

The Ladder Should Be on a Level Surface
To prevent any accidents, the ladder must be on a flat, dry and level surface. This will prevent any unexpected wobbling or slippage. It may also be helpful to attach a ladder stabilizer on the top rung. If you have to place your ladder on a grass or earth-filled ground, dig holes to firmly hold the ladder in place. If you are using the ladder on a patio, place a wooden board against its back legs to prevent it from slipping.

Wear a Safety Harness
When working on the roof, it is best to wear a safety harness that is tied securely on a sturdy post. During a slip, the safety harness will be your first line of defense against extensive physical harm.

Wear Proper Protection
Wearing shoes or boots that have good traction will prevent you from slipping on a steep roof. Depending on the type of work you are to do on your roof, you can also opt for added protection by wearing safety glasses and a hard hat.

Take Precautions When the Roof is Wet
For your own rooftop safety, it is ideal to put off working on a wet roof. However, if you have to work on a wet rooftop, avoid walking on top of it. Wet roofs can be extra slippery especially with loose debris such as fallen leaves.

Clean Up Your Roof
Clean up on your roof should occur before, during and after working on it. It is important to keep it clean of debris and other hazardous materials. Remove any tools that are not being used since they can be a slipping or tripping hazard. Even small items such as nails and leftover shingles can pose a hazard as well.

Know Your Physical Limitations
If you are unstable on a ladder or are uncomfortable with heights, it is best not to force yourself to climb and work on your roof. It would be much safer to call up a professional to complete the job.

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