How To Take Care Of Your Beautiful Outdoor Water Fountains

A backyard water fountain can be a wonderful enhancement to the outdoor decor of your home. Not only are outdoor water fountains elegant, they can help to provide a calming atmosphere to the area located around them. These fountains can be freestanding, table top, wall mounted, floor attached, or simply the conventional kind in the form of a decorative statue. There are also a wide selection of materials ranging from rock, clay, metal, concrete, and others that can be incorporated into almost any type of outdoor water fountain. One thing to always remember is that outdoor water fountains must be properly maintained during the Winter season if you live in a cold climate area.

Here is a few ways you can take care of your outdoor water fountain during the Winter season:

  • Winter can bring with it some extremely brutal conditions each year if you live in a cold weather climate.
  • While your outdoor fountain might be durable enough to resist the elements, you cannot permit the water inside of it to freeze because this will most likely result in damage to both the fountain’s structure and its pump motor.
  • Portable outdoor water fountains can simply be transported indoors or kept in the garage until the winter season has passed.
  • If you have a large outdoor water fountain, there are several things you need to do in order to ensure that it is ready to make it through the entire winter season.
  • If your fountain can be relocated for the Winter, do so, preferably to a heated garage or shed. It is usually possible to dismantle most outdoor water fountains, making them easier to store indoors during the Winter.

Other methods for maintaining your outdoor water fountain during the Winter:
Large water fountains and fountains made from forged stone can present a big issue when it comes to their portability. Thus, before the outdoor air temperature gets below the freezing level, make sure that you fully drain all of the water out of the fountain. The fountain’s pump should also be removed and stored indoors throughout the entire winter season as well. This will also be an excellent time for you to be able to clean out the pump and carefully remove any build up of grime and algae in it.

Outdoor water fountains often come with nightlights, which help to illuminate the fountain after the sun goes down each evening. Many such illuminated outdoor water fountains even come available with their own LED lights these days, thus contributing positively to the environment even more. Spotlights are also fashionable in the event that you are having a party or event in your backyard area, highlighting your fountain in a nice way after the sun goes down. During the warm Spring and Summer months, you can unwind in your garden during balmy evenings, enjoying the beautiful sight of your illuminated outdoor water fountain and also the tranquil sound of the water flowing from it.

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