How To Teach Children About Fire Safety

Whether you are an adult or a child, you need to be taught what to do in the event of a fire. A fire can occur at any point of the day and with anyone in the house so it is essential that your children know what to do if a fire does happen and how to get out the house safely. When you are teaching your children about fire safety, you should make it into a fun interactive lesson rather than a lecture. If your child has fun whilst learning about fire safety, the facts are more likely to stay in their head.

As well as teaching your children how fire happens, it is essential you teach them what to do during a fire.

Form an Escape Plan

Whether you are at work or at home, it is essential that you have an escape plan in case there is a fire. You shouldn’t panic your child when you speak about the escape plan, you should just warn them to come into ‘mummy and daddy’s room if you hear a loud beeping noise.’ Once you explain the full escape route, you should quiz your child at the end to see if they remember the facts you have told them. If they do remember everything they have been told you should reward them.


You should explain the importance of calling the emergency number for help if there is a fire. You instruct them what to say on the phone to the emergency services, this will include that there is a fire in your home and you need help. You should also ensure that your children know your home address off by heart; this can also be helpful in other types of emergencies.

Stop, Drop and Roll

The last thing you want is your child being injured by the fire. To help prevent any accidents happening causing your child to be injured, you should teach them the stop, drop and roll procedure. You should tell them if they come in contact with any fire, they should immediately drop to the fall in a safe area away from the fire and roll. This will smother the fire and put it out. To ensure they will know what to do, you should practise this procedure with them.

Fire Prevention

To make sure that you and your family are safe in your home you should do everything you possibly can to prevent the chances of a fire happening. You should contact a fire prevention and firewall specialist who will come and assess your home and give you advice on ways to reduce the chances of a fire happening.

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