How To Tell An Employee That He Is Unproductive

There are times when some of your employees are becoming unproductive. You shouldn’t be mad right away. As their superior, you will need to understand them too. Keep in mind that they are human beings. It’s inevitable not to have problems which might affect their professional life. But of course, you cannot put your business at risk just because few of your employees are not doing their part. You will have to talk to them. And here are some of the tips how to do it.

Setting a meeting.  This does not have to be a formal meeting. You can invite your employee for a coffee. I believe that it’s a better idea. Formal meeting can be a bit intimidating and you might not be able to get the real concerns of your employee. So, let’s stick to a casual coffee meeting. Your worker might be having personal troubles. He needs a friend rather than a boss.

Asking his concerns. Don’t start your meeting with a ‘you – are – becoming – unproductive’ statement. Your employee is obviously carrying an emotional baggage. Don’t add more of that baggage. You can just simply ask how everything is going. Make him talk by asking follow up questions. Questions like, “Are you having troubles with your work?” or “Is something bothering you?” are good.

Telling your concerns.  If your worker is done telling his issues, it’s about time that you lay down your cards. Be as subtle as much as you can. And be factual. So before setting the meeting, you should be able to check the performance of your employee. Here is a sample statement which you could use.

“I noticed that you are having a lot late reports. This is not like you so I thought you might be having problems. I want you to know that I’m not mad, that I’m not going to fire you. I’m just very concerned because it’s affecting your professional life. You are a good employee and I just want you to know that if you think I can help you, just visit me in the office.”

See, it’s friendly but still very professional.

Arriving with solutions. Come up with practical solutions. He might ask for a vacation leave. If you believe that it is the best solution, you might want to grant him that. It will help because the break might restore his passion for work.

Communicating with your employees is very important. Learn how to do it properly to maintain that good relationship with them.

Barbara Watson respects her subordinates. She wants more superiors to value their workers. Hence, she provides tips on how one can have a great relationship with their subordinates. She is also writing for a company that offers kiosks for sale. These kiosks are helpful for a business’ software and hardware needs.

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