How To Throw A Wild West Themed Party

Themed Parties are becoming more and more popular and one of the most exciting themes is the Wild West. Here are a few tips before you get your cowboy boots on and have a darn-tooting good time.


A cool little extra for the decorations could be designing a Wanted Poster featuring the main person/people at the party. If you are celebrating someone’s birthday or having a stag do it just adds a bit of fun if they see their photo up with a reward of a fistful of dollars due to their supposedly outrageous Cowboy crimes. By that I mean shooting the sheriff and not building a dodgy driveway and being followed by bald-headed BBC presenter Dominic Littlewood!

To release the inner child in your guests, get them to buy plastic toy guns from a local discount store and see how many people really get into character by having their own stand-offs and by the end of the night will be rather worryingly asking you to refer to them as Dirty Harry. The main thing is the guests will be having far too much fun to be worrying about what the plural for Cactus is.


One of the good things about having a Wild West theme is not only can people pretend to be Cowboys or Cowgirls, they can be a Native American Indian or a Mexican hombre. Count how many thrifty people have cut a hole in an old blanket put it over their head and said it is a poncho to go with their over-sized Sombrero. The temptation to give your friends funny traditional names like calling your boss ‘Chief’ or ‘Buffalo Bill’ will be too much. For a modern twist you could call yourself names like Trailblazer which was apparently the codename of a rather famous Texas cowboy by the name of George W. Bush!

Food & Drink

There will be no time for siestas though as this theme as a number of tasty food choices. Instead of cooking cans of baked beans over the fire how about a Mexican selection? Some tasty burritos, enchiladas or fajitas are sure to go down well with the guests. Chilli beef or chicken is fine or you could go for an old-fashioned Steak or even a BBQ. A cheeky shot of Tequila might be your chosen tipple at the saloon bar or how about a bottle of Desperados which is a lager flavoured with Tequila for a mexican kick.

Bucking Bronco

The meaty main course of any Wild West themed party has to be hiring a Bucking Bronco. The mechanical beast will simulate the sensation of riding a wild bull like you are at a Rodeo. The aim is to stay on the longest and see who can tame the bull or whether the bull tames you. Screaming yee-haw is purely optional but will be entertaining for those watching as well as those brave enough to give it a go. Bucking bronco hire is available from a number of UK entertainment companies and will provide a central party piece that is sure to have everyone in hysterics.

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