How To Totally Suck At SEO

Sometimes it’s good to learn how to do something by first learning what not to do. This is as true in Search Engine Optimization as anything in life. Knowing what NOT to do is nearly as important as knowing what TO do. Here’s a quick guide on how to totally suck at Search Engine Optimization. In other words, a list of things NOT to do.

1. Build Directory Links

A directory link here and there isn’t a bad thing, especially if it’s from sites like DMOZ, Yahoo! Directory, or Best of the Web to name a few. But strategically going after dozens, even hundreds of directory links will set you up for failure for sure. If you want to suck at SEO, buy one of those multi-hundred directory submission packages. That will get you sucking in not time!

2. Don’t Blog Consistently

Go ahead, be lazy. Why work hard for your SEO campaign? Blogging is one of those things that’s hard. It takes effort. It takes efforts such as research, developing writing skills, and connecting with readers via comments and social media. Sucking at SEO means having no interest in Content Marketing and that starts with Blogging on your domain.

3. Don’t Be Mobile Friendly

More and more sites are being accessed over mobile phones more of the time. This means that only the sucky websites won’t be compatible with iOS and Android devices. In order to suck you can’t be mobile friendly, because that would make you way too effective as an SEO!

4. Use Fiverr For Link Building

A sucky SEO is a lazy link builder. And trust me when I say that Fiverr is a lazy link builder’s dream! The ability to simply pay someone through Fiverr a small $5 to obtain hundreds, sometimes even thousands of links is a skill the sucky SEO has mastered.

5. Go After Only Short-Tail Keywords

Spend your time going after short-tail keywords only. Forget using content marketing to get you long-tail. Put everything you’ve got into only a handful of keywords. That way when Google makes another Penguin update you can lose all your business in one big update.

6. Listen To Every Piece of Advice From SEOs

Forget the idea of being a free thinker. Forget thinking of your own theories, hypothesis, and ideas. Just follow what other so called “experts” have to say when it comes to your strategies. This is the final but most important key to sucking at SEO. By listening to every expert and only following his/her advice, you assure yourself a mansion in the land of SEO suckiness!

There you have it… six things you can do starting today that will make you totally suck at SEO! Now here’s the fun fact, many of your competitors in SEO are doing these six things which gives you a great competitive advantage in your industry and/or topic. Who really knows why these people continue to do these things, but they do. So while they fail, give yourself the opportunity to succeed by not making SEO harder than it really is.

Nicole is a writer for Agency Platform. They are the World’s most respected white label SEO company. Find out more about their SEO reseller program today.

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