How To Turn Your Guest Room Into A Home Theater

Have you ever tried to watch a movie at the theater only to suffer through rude movie patrons who talk, cough, or use their cellphone throughout the entire film? I sure have, and thanks one such person my family now has its own home theater room!

Patience Makes Perfect

Thomas Jefferson, one of the Founding Fathers of America and chief author of the Declaration of Independence, once said, “When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hang on.”
I could certainly relate to this comment when my family decided to turn the guest bedroom into a home theater room. If patience was a rope, mine would barely reach across the room, much less last for the duration of the project.

It seemed like everyone had a different idea for how the theater room should look. One person wanted velvet wall coverings and a lighted aisle between rows of traditional auditorium seats. Another wanted a small leather recliner for each member of the family.

However there were some things we all agreed on. For example, everyone settled on getting some kind of popcorn machine in the space, and surround sound was a must. And we all agreed that the guest room was the perfect space of the new theater area.

From Unused Space to Favorite Space

Despite differing opinions and clashing ideas, somehow we managed to pull everything together. If you are looking for a new way to entertain your teens, consider adding a theater room to your home! Here are some things you will want to include.

  • THEME – While you could stick with the traditional film reel and popcorn theme, you could also design the room around your favorite movie or television programs. Iconic characters like the Three Stooges, James Bond, or a Marvel superhero are usually a safe bet.
  • WALLS – If lining the walls with thick, velvet curtains is not in your budget consider painting them a darker than usual shade, such as midnight blue, royal purple, or crimson red. The dark walls will add to the ambiance while watching your favorite movies.
  • FLOOR – People like to snack during movies. Replace wall to wall carpeting with low maintenance flooring options such as ceramic tile, linoleum, or bamboo. This way of someone spills a soda or buttery popcorn, you haven’t ruined the floor.
  • DÉCOR – The décor should follow the theme, but another option is to frame replicas of vintage movie posters and hang them around the room. If someone in your family is handy with photo editing programs, recreate the posters using your family’s faces instead of the original actors.
  • SEATING – It is important for people to be comfortable when viewing movies in your new home theater area. If you cannot afford for each person to have their own recliner or vintage rows of theater chairs, add a few small couches or loveseats instead.
  • ELECTRONICS – The electronics can make or break your family’s theater room. Things like surround sound, an HD projector, and other high-tech items can make your theater room a favorite space among not just the teens in your family but all their friends, too.
  • EXTRAS – The extras are where the real fun comes into play. If your teens claim they are too mature to enjoy a vintage popcorn machine, consider an espresso machine instead or a wet bar that serves up soda and candy instead of alcoholic beverages.

All the Entertainment in One Convenient Location

Home theater rooms are not just a place to watch television and movies. You can hook your gaming console into the system and play videogames on the big screen. Wireless controllers and other accessories like headsets make it easy to game with friends online as well.

If you already have a multipurpose room that includes things like a pool table or video games, then consider adding a home theater system. You will find that it is not only a place to entertain your family, but also extended family and family friends, too.

In a world that relies so much on technology, it is no wonder that children and teenagers are obsessed with the next best thing. Having a theater room is a great way to keep the whole family entertained, regardless of their age or personal interests.

Freelance writer Rick Mercado lives with his wife in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Between jobs for his clients he loves surfing the web whether reading reviews of products on sites like or researching Canadian history. However what Rick loves most is the great outdoors, and whenever he is not working he can usually be found kayaking or hiking along Canada’s rugged eastern coastline.

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