How To Turn Your Squeeze Page Into Magical List Building Tool

Not all squeeze pages can generate good amount of subscribers in a short amount of time. If you want to create a squeeze page that will successfully generate big subscribers to your mailing list, then you have to make your squeeze highly interesting for your visitors. How can you do that? Here are 5 tips to turn a squeeze page into a magical list building tool:

1.Give A Mind-Boggling Offer
Why people want to subscribe to your opt-in mailing list? That’s because they’re attracted to your offer. If you can give your visitors mind-boggling offer, more of your visitors will be attracted to become your subscriber. There are marketers who have squeeze page that converts in 50%-60%. What do you think is their secret? The secret is their offer. They give the right FREE offer to their visitors. In other words, you have to focus on developing a free offer that will boggle the mind of your visitors. If you want to give away a free report, give a high quality report that people will find valuable to download and read.

2.Keep It Short And Straight forward
When people arrive at your squeeze page, people want to see your offer right away. If something that you offer is good for them, they want to download it right away. People don’t give much thought about the body or content of your squeeze page. They see only your offer, which is the free product that you give away. A long squeeze page will only distract your visitors. That’s why it is better for you to keep your squeeze page short and straightforward. Tell people as quickly as possible about your offer.

3.Use A Good Graphical Presentation
People don’t want to subscribe to an opt-in mailing list operated by shady marketers. Yes, it’s true. They’re getting more cautious about who they’re dealing with. That’s why your presentation in your squeeze page will affect their decision. You need to use a good graphical presentation in your squeeze page. It means that you need to use an attractive design for your page. Be sure to hire a professional designer to pretty up your squeeze page. The layout must be simple and without distraction. Your product graphic should be interesting and attractive.

4.Visible Opt-In Form Above The Fold
Your opt-in form should be visible above the fold. It means that your visitors need to see your opt-in form without scrolling your squeeze page. Remember that this opt-in form is the heart of your squeeze page. So, make sure to put a strong call to action in your opt-in form. Also, be sure to use inviting graphic and colour so that people want to put their name and email address into the form quickly. Additionally, you can put one more opt-in form at the end of the page, at the bottom.

5.Put More Emphasize On The Headline, Sub-Headline, And Bullet Points
Give your headline, sub-headline, and bullet points more emphasize and visible in your squeeze page. They’re the most important components in your squeeze page. So, be sure to make them catchy. You want people to read them easily in quick glances.

Those are some tips that you should apply in order to turn your squeeze page into the magical list building tool. By applying the tips above, you’ll be able to generate massive amount of subscribers in a short amount of time. All that’s left is about how to drive traffic into it.

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