How To Turn Your Student Floordrobe Into A Grown Up Wardrobe

When you’re at uni, you’re busy. You find yourself constantly going out, or else doing uni work, and that means less time for tidying up. It’s inevitable – when you get ready for a night out, you will throw clothes around the room as you rush about trying to decide what to wear. But storing these clothes on the backs of chairs and on the floor doesn’t make it any easier to create an outfit next time…so what to do??

All you need to do is turn that floordrobe into a proper wardrobe (and take an important step towards being a PROPER ADULT…*scream*). So, how do you do this?

Well, the first step is to have a big clear-out. Chuck out all the clothes that you hate, or which no longer fit, or you’ve never worn. It’s scary but it needs doing. And buy some hangers; they’re cheap enough!

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Then, you can get creative with storage! Lots of students find that their rooms don’t contain enough of this. One lonely little wardrobe won’t help you organise all of the clothes you own! Start by buying a cheap chest of drawers or two. They don’t even have to be wooden. You can get really inexpensive plastic ones from Pound shops and budget home-ware stores which won’t be a nightmare to carry home! Alternatively, get a strong friend to help you collect a wooden one you have bought off Freecycle or Gumtree. I’ve known people who have even managed to buy a sofa for under £20, so furniture can be very cheap, but you do need to figure out how to get it home!

After that, you can start folding up your clothes and putting them away. It helps to categorize them so that each drawer contains a different thing. You could have one drawer for pjs, one for t-shirts and tops, one for jumpers…and so on. And any jeans or going-out clothes you own could be hung in the wardrobe!

Another problem many people encounter is where to put shoes. If you currently store all your clothes on the floor, you may find yourself often tripping over trainers and heels. But don’t worry! There are a range of shoe racks available from Pound stores and Argos. And you can also store them in small boxes and put these boxes in your wardrobe or your oak sideboard.

Organising your clothes doesn’t have to be a nightmare. You just need to make sure that you have enough boxes and drawers to put all your things in. And then, your floordrobe will finally be able to turn into a proper system for storing clothes! Why not try and come up with some of your own storage tips?

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Naomi Anderson Whittaker is a blogger who is currently studying in Leeds. She too has experienced the inconvenience of having a student floordrobe, and now she’s here to help you sort it out! She blogs for Oak Furniture Superstore.

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