How To Update Your Kitchen Lighting On A Budget

The kitchen is one of the most expensive places in the home to renovate. Fortunately, there are some simple things you can do to update the look of your kitchen, without spending a whole lot of money. Changing out your kitchen’s lighting fixtures is one such project that can make a big impact for a small investment. Need some guidance? Here are some tips for how to update your kitchen lighting on a budget:

Choose multipurpose lighting fixtures. There are four layers to lighting – task lighting, ambient lighting, decorative lighting, and focal lighting – each with its own purpose. A solid kitchen design incorporates each of these layers into the lighting scheme, and that sometimes means using four different types of lighting fixture. However, you can save money on lighting simply by choosing multipurpose fixtures. For example, swivel-head track lighting can be used as the room’s primary ambient light source, and can at the same time be directed toward certain features of the room to highlight them (as with focal lighting).

Consider bringing light to your kitchen’s midsection. This is a decorating trick that can transform the look of your kitchen, and without the relatively large expense of brand new overhead lighting. By mounting track lighting, spot lights, or rope lighting underneath your cabinets, you can shed some light on common task areas, while at the same time adding drama to your kitchen’s ambiance.

Shop around. Don’t be in a hurry to purchase. Instead, create a lighting scheme for your kitchen and then shop around for the perfect fixtures to fit that scheme. As a buyer, you have a multitude of resources that you can draw from to find lighting fixtures on the cheap, which means that you will have to do some research and footwork in order to save as money as possible on your new kitchen lighting. Be sure to shop online discount lighting stores, classified ads (both print and web), auction websites like ebay, thrift stores (Habitat for Humanity’s Restore is a great place to find deals on home improvement items), and chain retailers like Home Depot, Lowe’s, and even Walmart.

Do your own installation. Even if you have next to no handyman experience, you can change out your lighting fixtures on your own, given you are willing to roll up your sleeves and put some time and energy into completing the project. Search the web for specific instructions for installing the lighting fixtures of your choice, as well as tutorials that can guide you through the general ins and outs of lighting fixture installation.

There are numerous ways to save money on an updated lighting scheme for your kitchen. Follow these tips to freshen up the look of your kitchen on a budget.

About the Author: August Dethomas is the king of budget remodeling projects. So far he’s done soundproofing with mass loaded vinyl in his bedroom, has retiled his bathroom, and has resurfaced his kitchen cabinets. Lighting is next!

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