How To Use HP Printers On Android Mobile

Android mobile has made it possible for tech-reliant individuals to accomplish multiple practical functions and applications through such sleek and compact gadgetry. Even printing of photos and documents has been supported by these cutting edge systems. If you are an ardent android user who requires printer usage on a regular basis, here are the things you should know about the process.

Android devices like smartphones, laptops, and tablets can print documents through the usage of either an HP e-Print-enabled or non e-Print-enabled printer.

An e-Print-enabled printer is a printer variant that allows wireless internet connection, thus enabling remote or mobile printing as well as delivery of ePrintCenter’s pre-formatted document. HP products that are e-Print-enabled include the HP Business Inkjet products, Commercial LaserJet, HP Envy, HP Photosmart, Color Inkjet, Consumer Laserjet, HP DeskJet, and HP OfficeJet.

Printing via e-Print-enabled HP machines is a fast and convenient approach that is as uncomplicated as e-mail delivery. Through its supported email services such as Outlook, MSN or Hotmail, Gmail, Apple Mail, Nokia Symbian Mail, and Blackberry email client, android users can easily access and print files from multiple sources or storage systems. Supported files of the e-Print mechanism include various image files like the popular gif. and jpg., Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Each email has a capacity of 5 MB. A maximum of 10 attached files is allowed for a single email, and attachments should not exceed 5 MB. Files or emails that go overboard in terms of size will not be recognized by the e-Print system.
For non e-Print-enabled printers, printing with an Android device is still doable through various applications such as the HP ePrint Home & Biz, and Google Cloud Print.

HP ePrint Home & Biz is compatible with tablets and smartphones with at least a 2.2 Android system; it supports the same files mentioned above. This application can be downloaded by navigating through the Google Play icon which was previously labeled as Android Market. Once the app has been successfully downloaded and installed, photo and document printing are then enabled. Both photo and document printing are user-friendly processes that ensure quick and clear navigation. Photo editing is even allowed by this application hence android users can make necessary photo alterations before sending out their files to a nearby printer.

Google Cloud Print is activated through the usage of an existing Google account; it allows printing from an Android device using mobile apps or Google Chrome. Supported mobile apps include the Cloud Print Beta, PrinterShare™ Mobile Print, Fiabee, Cloud Printer, PrintJinni™, and Easy Print. To use the Google Cloud Print with a classic printer, it is essential to have Google Chrome Web browser in your computer.

With an android device alongside any of the aforementioned system supports, printing out of documents and photos has become a hassle and stress free endeavor. Now you can wait for your print-outs while enjoying the other entertaining and breakthrough features of your android gadget.

Other related mobile applications that can prove handy when printing from an android device and an HP machine, include the AirPrint, HP Printer Control mobile app, and Scheduled Delivery print apps, among many others.

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