How To Use Vehicle Ramps Properly

It’s very important, when you are trusting specialised race ramps to withstand the weight of your vehicle, that they encompass the following characteristics:

  • Lightweight
  • Non slippery
  • Weatherproof
  • Durable
  • Strength

Maintenance and service
All of the above characteristics should be fully encompassed in any ramps that you purchase, as this will mean that they are perfect for carrying out maintenance and servicing, such as oil changes or detailing; even if the vehicle needing to be looked at has an extremely low profile.

Depending on the profile of your vehicle, you should be able to find ramps that have been designed with low or high profile vehicles in mind, which is obviously ideal; so if you can find these, so much the better. You can then use your ramps as an aid to the jack, if you just need a little bit of extra lift under your car, or if a full vehicle lift is required. Ramps should make this easy for you, as well as ensure that the lift and vehicle positioning are both safe and secure, should you ever need to work under the car.

Loading trailers and trucks
Loading specialist, vintage or brand new cars onto trailers or trucks can be extremely stressful if you do not have the correct kind of ramps in place. This is because the majority of people tend to either use makeshift wooden ramps or generically sized stiff metal ones and as the vehicle gets loaded, the spoiler is scraped, dented or damaged in some way. This is as a result of the sharp and unmeasured angles of the unsuitable ramps.

Good quality ramps, which have softer and more gradual edges, can help people to load their vehicles safely, as well as easily and without the fear of something being scraped or damaged. They also totally remove the need to use heavy wooden boards, which are subject to breakages, as well as removing the need to exert any more energy into loading the vehicle then absolutely necessary.

When you have a vintage or classic car, or even just a car that you love and want to take the care of, it may cross your mind that you want to display the car, or put it on race ramps so that the chances of it being damaged in any way are reduced.

If the idea of displaying has crossed your mind then high quality ramps are absolutely ideal for car shows, or just generally as a way to display your vehicle. They should always have the main characteristic of strength and also be non-slippery, so that it means it’s perfectly safe to mount your vehicle for display when lots of people are going to be wondering about, without any fear or the vehicle becoming un-mounted.

You should make sure the ramps you buy are portable and designed to make it easy to build up the height depending on where you’re displaying your vehicle. For example, if you find ramps where you’re able to adjust the height of the display ramps by interlocking or separating the ramp pieces then these ramps are going to be suitable for displaying.

Long term storage
Not every car is designed with everyday use in mind and this is especially true of racing cars or even classic cars that are only taken out for car shows and exhibits. Ramps can be used to store these types of cars during their periods of down time and can be especially important in helping the prevention of flat spots.

Flat spots occur because of the heating and cooling up of car tires between driving and being parked. As a car is driven, tires heat up and become flexible, which aids smooth or fast driving; however, when the car is then parked, the part of the tire which is pressed up against the ground is cooled and a flat spot forms. When the car is driven again, this flat spot can cause disturbances in the drive, until the tire heats up enough so that the flat spot fades.

You should therefore keep an eye out for ramps that have a deep enough concave depression where the tires can settle so that the entire tire is well supported, as this means that the weight of the car will settle more evenly onto each of the tires and will therefore prevent flat spots from developing.

When you’re looking at buying race ramps, you should always keep in mind that they need to be extremely strong, durable and weatherproof, so you can be assured not only that your floors won’t be damaged in any way but also that they will last and help keep your vehicle in tip top condition for a very long time.

Laura Harrison writes for car ramp specialists, Race Ramps Europe. She is a motor sport enthusiast and when she isn’t watching Jenson Button do his thing she’s usually found in the Gym or walking her dog, Senna.

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