How To Use YouTube Effectively For Your Business

There is not a single business that could not benefit from incorporating video into their marketing strategy. While video on its own is important, the platform you use to power those videos may be even more important. For all but a few online businesses, the best way to boost your business with video is to get going with YouTube.

Why YouTube?

Why would a business choose YouTube instead of self hosting their own videos, or putting them on another site like Vimeo or DailyMotion? The answer comes down to authority and traffic.

When it comes to authority, YouTube is one of the most authoritative domains on the internet. As measured by SEOmoz, domain authority is a reflection on how a domain might be seen by search engines like Google. The higher the authority, the more likely content on its pages will rank well compared to its competitors.

As of this writing, SEOmoz has YouTube’s domain authority calculated at 97 out of 100. This is close to the same level as internet heavyweights like Google, Wikipedia and Facebook.

What This Means For Your Business

When you create quality video content around targeted keywords, you stand a great chance of ranking your videos highly in search results. With a fairly basic promotional push put into each video, you can start to see video views pile up and traffic arriving by way of the links you leave in your descriptions.

If your own domain is not ranking well, funneling traffic from YouTube to your site is a great way to jump start things.

How To Make It All Happen

To start with, you need to make sure everything you produce is of a high quality. When you put your face and business name onto a video, you want it to be associated with value and quality.
Understanding that quality is your top priority, here is a simple checklist to using YouTube successfully to market your business:

    • SEO friendly titles, tags, and descriptions
    • Claim your company name to use as your personal YouTube channel
    • Syndicate your channel’s RSS feed to feed aggregation sites to help your videos spread and get traffic
    • Embed your YouTube videos on your own website
    • Link to your own site from your video’s description
    • Always include a call to action of some sort near the end of the video

This checklist is the basic how-to in terms of jump starting your YouTube focused video strategy.

Some Simple Tips And Tricks

While the basics above should show a solid return for most marketers, there are ways to get more out of your YouTube strategy.

The first tip is to make sure that you link to your website from both your channel page, as well as at the top of your description. Never bury your link below a keyword rich, content heavy description. Get it in at the top, so when your call to action comes, people can see exactly where to go.

The second tip is to make your video both mobile friendly as well as allowing embedding on third party sites. Mobile usage is only going to grow, so make sure these users can enjoy your videos.
If you create great articles that people want to share and post on their sites, allow them to do so. The more people who see your video, the better.

Finally, for videos you embed on your own site, you can use tools like Lead Player. Lead Player places an overlay with an email opt-in box to help you grow your list.

Wrap Up

YouTube is a fantastic tool for marketers wanting to grow their audience and strengthen their brand. Some choose to use other video hosting options, but for nearly every market, the traffic and money is found on YouTube.

@JulianaPayson is a Marketing Associate at InMotion Hosting who specialize in website hosting for business owners. InMotion is based in Los Angeles, and has their 24/7 tech support based in the US.

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