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One trend that has drifted in and out of popularity in the last few years is asymmetric dresses, either with a one shoulder design or an asymmetric hemline. 2013 looks like it’s going to be another big year for this look, so you might want to snap up your asymmetric dress now.

The only problem with this trend is that it is notoriously difficult to wear, especially if you aren’t blessed with the slight frame and height of a supermodel. You need to know what to wear with asymmetric dresses and what not to wear, as well as how to choose a dress to flatter your shape.

It’s all about balance
The reason that one-shoulder and asymmetric hemline dresses are so exciting from a sartorial perspective is because they shake off the idea that symmetry equals beauty. By throwing off the balance in an outfit, asymmetric dresses become edgy and visually interesting.

However, because asymmetric pieces are uneven, you need to find a way to balance out your overall look to make the outfit work. A good idea is to choose pieces which balance out an exposed leg or a missing sleeve with a ruche or extra layer of fabric on the other side. Even something as simple as carrying your handbag or clutch on the other side to the uneven hem or shoulder may do the trick.

Layer up your look
Asymmetric styles are perfect for creating layers and texture within an outfit, especially when you enhance the asymmetric detail of the piece (i.e. a ruffle or other detail) with other garments which have asymmetric accents. Play with your look, trying out belts, jackets, vests and cardigans.

Dress your look up or down with footwear
Shoes can change an asymmetric look from formal and glamorous to young, fresh and fashionable. If you have an asymmetric dress with a hi-low or sheer dipped hem, you team it with a pair of strappy heels or platform court shoes for evening elegance. Alternatively, you can keep the look young, punky and suitable for virtually any occasion with a pair of chunky shoe boots, which also balance out the asymmetric hemline.

Elongate your legs in asymmetric hemlines
Asymmetric dresses can have the tendency to make your legs look short if you don’t choose the right one and wear the right footwear with it. The best way for petite girls to show off their pins in an asymmetric dress is to pick one which has a high hemline at the front and is longer at the sides, showing off the front of your legs. Team this with high heels or wedges with straps or, if your legs are quite slim, with shoe boots (as advised above). If you want to wear flat shoes, avoid those which reach or go above the ankle.

Christine Felton is a Writer at Fashion Union provider of on trend women’s clothing in the UK.

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