How Two Way Radios Help The Education Industry

Educational institutes are queuing up to buy two way radios and there are very strong reasons for doing so.

Many school administrations of the opinion that equipping teachers and administrators with radios can help save precious lives in the event of a crazy massacre. Plus, there are many other reasons why having radios in every educational institute makes good sense, and these are:

  1. People in charge can communicate instantly in case of emergencies. They can even access the public channels and call the police and fire departments when the situation calls for it. Immediate communication can help save many precious lives. Even parents will feel safe and secure because they know that the school will summon for immediate help if and when required.
  2. Let’s take an example – let’s assume a 13-year old boy is sprinting along a 100-meter track when he suddenly collapses. The physical education teacher cannot figure out what’s wrong after his resuscitation attempts fail. Thankfully, the teacher is equipped with a two-way radio. He flicks a switch and calls the schools medics. Within minutes the boy is wheeled off and is now in good hands. There can be many major and minor issues in schools and inter-departmental communication can be instantly and easily facilitated with the help of radios.
  3. Two way radios ensure that a school promotes health and safety of students and employees. Instant communication at the flick of a switch gets an immediate response and every school board now needs to ensure that there is no lag between ends and means, especially in a tight situation.
  4. Radios can help immensely in school facility management.

These are some of the ways that two way radios can help schools, colleges and universities.

Many school boards still opine that mobiles are better than two way radios. However, this assumption is not true because with a mobile you cannot communicate at the flick of a switch. You have to search for the number (in your mobile or a physical phone directory) and then dial it, hope for a robust network, and then wait for the receiver to answer the call. Also, when the receiver gets a call on his radio, he will take it more seriously than a call received on his mobile. Two way radios are way superior than mobiles in certain situations.

So, it is in the best interest of every educational institute to buy a digital two way radio system that is equipped with powerful Motorola batteries. Digital radio systems are secure, fast, easy, GPS-equipped, and they can easily cut out the noise while communicating, and therefore make for an ideal choice.

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Jorge Ableton is a substitute gym teacher and blogger who has used two way radios in his school.

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