How Vaporizers Are Infusing Aromatherapy

An aromatherapy vaporizer is an important tool if you are to reap the benefits of aromatic smells that promote health. Such vaporizers allow the use of oils, spices and other ingredients to fill the rooms with aromas that can be beneficial to well being.

The Wonders of Aromatherapy Scent

Aromatherapy is a science that uses the fragrance of essential oils for the healing process. These scents help to elevate moods, enhance hormonal functions and help to calm down the nerves. Aromatherapy mainly uses oils that are produced from plants, flowers, leaves and tree barks that have been known to have curative effects. There are over 90 such oils, each having its own aroma and healing benefits. The inhalation of these aromas causes instinctive responses in the brain that trigger certain responses. Benefits are noticed that are mental, physical and spiritual.

The Benefits of Natural Essential Oils

Essential oils are produced from plants unlike other fragrance oils that are synthetic in nature. They have basic therapeutic effects, which have been known for centuries.

The inhalation of essential oils gives a lot of physical and mental benefits. These oils need to be properly blended in order to have the most beneficial effects. Two oils that are in extensive use are eucalyptus oil from the leaves of the eucalyptus tree and Mandarin essential oil which uses the peel of fruits to produce the oil. Eucalyptus acts as an antiseptic, while Mandarin oil helps to alert the mind. Another oil that can be used is from rosemary, which has effects similar to eucalyptus.

Vaporizers Are a Must for Effective Aromatherapy

There are many types of vaporizers that are in use for aromatherapy. The Volcano vaporizer is one product that has a lot of high quality features. It is basically a heating device that has built-in devices for controlling the heat. It is also possible to change the airflow as needed. This sort of vaporizer is more expensive than the conventional ones, but its efficiency and effectiveness make it a model that is very much in demand.

The vaporizer is equipped with a mouth piece, valves and bags.  The vaporizer can be used to heat up essential oils, spices and herbs as per the combination that is most suited to the user. These are heated at one level by hot air in the vaporizer to produce the aroma filled steam that fills up the bag in the base of the vaporizer. The bag can be detached and used through the mouthpiece if so desired.

A Volcano vaporizer produces variable temperature through a pressurized hot air stream that is captured in a bag, after it passes through the required aroma producing substances. Overheating of spices, oils and herbs can reduce the beneficial effects of aromatherapy. This is where the controls on the Volcano vaporizer allow the user to control the heat so that the full advantage is obtained of the aroma producing substances that are being used. It also allows limited exposure to the aromatic substances, which is one of the essentials of aromatherapy.

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