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Letting new people into our homes requires a certain amount of trust and respect and no matter how many references we receive, how can we be sure that the person you’re introducing into your life is right for your household. We should be made to feel safe and comfortable in our own homes so making that the right people are caring for it and you is a big decision. We are able carry out a full background check on any individual you identify to find out details of employment history, past convictions and living situations and many other things that can help create a fuller picture of someone working in your home.

Another reason that you may employ domestic help is to aid you in caring for your children. The safety of your family is your priority and want to support you in your decision to employ outside services by making sure that the right people are looking after your loved ones.  We can set up covert surveillance within your home so that you can observe how an individual is interacting with your children. We can also provide thorough checks in to the background of someone to ensure that they have been honest with you regarding their history and application and they are a suitable candidate for the position.

The security of our homes is very important so what do you do when something or someone is making you uncomfortable? Living with close neighbours can be difficult at the best of times for them and for you but when you don’t get on the people so close to you it can make life very hard. Even if you do get on well, how much do you actually know about the people you are living so close to? We are able to provide with as much or as little information as you wish on the people who live nearby with discretion and make sure you’re left with peace of mind.

Unfortunately most people will experience relationship problems at some point in their marriage and everyone will have doubts and suspicions at some point, but at what point do you begin to act on those suspicions? If you have doubts over fidelity that you don’t want to risk confronting your partner about then we could discreetly find the answers you need without causing any upset. With the use of surveillance, polygraph or lie detector testing and the other methods available to us we could help you find out the truth about your relationship.

Anything Else?
We are very flexible and the different approaches we can take and methods available to us mean that we have something to offer to every investigation. If you are having difficulties with a problem that we haven’t outlined but you think we may be able to help you with, then do not hesitate to contact us to consult with a member of our operative team.

As the author Charlie Hodgson is a very experienced  private Investigator and can be contacted through Private Investigator In Manchester we are here to help you find the truth

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