Since Apple introduced the iPhone and iPad, other technology companies have taken the same route in making the computer smaller and smaller as the days go by. This is in keeping with Moore’s law, which has seen the improvement of technology for the past 50 years. With this possibility being exploited, a number of small computer gadgets, best known as wearables, have emerged. These range from eye glasses to watches, wristbands and even shoes and clothing. Most people think of these items as a fad that would die away any time soon. As we know with fads, the quality of the object often goes unnoticed, and when the fad goes out, we do not see the value of the items we so much hyped on wearing. However, with wearable technology, there is much benefit to be gained that will, with time, prove to be more than just a fad.


Wrist Bands

Wrist bands are becoming more of a health and fitness app than it is for style and fashion. With technology like Fit Bit, Garmin, Jawbone up, and Misfit, you ca now track your fitness goals as well as diet goals. Some of the things you can monitor include your sleep pattern, heart rate, distance travelled on a particular day as well as your physical activity. Since the technology is worn round the wrist, it makes it easy for you to move everywhere with it, thus making it easy for you to monitor or track your preferred health and fitness goals.

Eye Glasses

Google glass takes the lead in eyewear that is technologically enhanced. We all know how, when we hear a beep on our phone, we take the device out and start scrolling through the device. This can become dangerous especially if you are walking on the streets or even driving your car. However, Google glass is here to the rescue. You simply wear spectacles like device that has a small screen from where you can view your emails, apps as well as connect with your phone. Instead of using your hands, you use your voice to command for what you need to see on the screen, thus improving your safety on the streets.


Apple takes the lead with this one, though it is a bit expensive. With the Apple smart watch, you can do more than just check the time. You can read emails, add applications and importantly, you do all this while connecting to your iPhone or computer. This can thus be seen more as a wrist computer, helping you stay connected no matter where you are.

Life Shirts

This is perhaps one of the best wearable technology around that truly helps with health. It is designed for those who are elderly or have terminal illnesses. The life shirt has sensors that can monitor vital signs of its wearer, thus helping them stay alert should these have some problem.

These wearable technology devices are just some of the few devices that are already gaining popularity among various populations. The benefits of these devices will far outweigh the fad days the devices have been given.

Source: Garmin