How Yoga Can Influence Weight Loss

Is it really true that yoga can influence weight loss? Everything else seems to cause weight gain, so maybe something really can contribute to weight loss. The truth is, the balanced, healthy workout provided by yoga can, indeed encourage weight loss in both men and women.

Most of the time, we hear that the only way to lose weight is through diet and exercise. And, if you’re like most people who need exercise, the very idea of a workout makes you tired. Then come the complaints and problems: bad knees, a slipped disc, broken down feet, all of which make it so hard to stick to an exercise regimen.

Then, someone suggests yoga, and you wonder how that can help. The truth is, yoga is one of the healthiest forms of exercise in which you can participate. There is no impact, so you don’t have to worry about those weak knees or fallen arches.

Yoga involves gentile bending, stretching, and balancing. This actually strengthens your muscles. The workout will leave you feeling as if you had done a harder workout, without the strain to your body that comes with jogging or weight lifting.

Muscle Mass

The true way to build muscle mass is by working the muscles, making them carry a load. If you are overweight, you’ll find that at first, your own weight can be your ally. As you stretch and bend, the muscles attached to your skeleton will work to support the weight surrounding them, developing tone and strength. By building stronger muscles, you’ll burn more calories every time you move. It’s a basic tenant of weight loss.

As you advance in your yoga workouts, you’ll move on to more complicated movements, placing further demand on those same muscles. This creates a cycle:

  • Make demands on your muscles
  • They get stronger in response
  • You burn more calories because you have more muscle
  • You are able to make even more demands on your muscles
  • The cycle repeats.

Circulation And Metabolism
Any time you work your muscles, you’re increasing the blood flow in your body. With yoga, you are also increasing the oxygen flow. In yoga, one of the most important exercises you’ll do is proper breathing. The increased heart rate to supply nutrients to your muscles, along with the increased airflow from proper breathing, makes yoga an aerobic exercise that helps to boost your metabolism. And, we all know that a healthy metabolism contributes to the burning of excess weight.

With yoga, you strive to find internal balance as well as balancing your body. The focus on ridding yourself of exterior stimuli and letting go of reactions to the outside world can help you to feel better about yourself. You’ll face the day with more strength and self control, and the result will show up in your weight loss attempts. Your inner and outer balance, along with your growing ability to exclude negative outside influences that upset your balance, will help you to resist unhealthy food. Weight loss is soon the natural result.

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Laura Green is an avid fitness freak, after losing several stone in weight using a detox retreat she is thrilled to write about and help others in fitness and health articles.

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