How You Can Expect A Second Pregnancy To Differ From A First

If you’re pregnant for the second time, you may feel that the whole pregnancy thing is old hat by now and that you know exactly what to expect. However, it’s actually important to understand that no two pregnancies are ever alike. This is even the case when you’re talking about two separate pregnancies for the same mother.

In some ways, pregnancy will definitely be much easier the second time around. However, many mothers and health care professionals say that it can also be harder in other ways. Let’s take a closer look at how you can expect your second pregnancy to be different from your first.

You Will Show Earlier
While it may have taken you months to begin to look pregnant when you were carrying your first baby, most women can expect to show much more quickly the second time around. Your uterus and abdominal muscles have done this before, so they’re already a bit looser than they were the first time around. Instead of showing at 4 or even 5 months down the line, you may find yourself back in your maternity wear after only 2 or 3 depending on the pregnancy.

Most second time mothers also feel their unborn baby moving much earlier than they did the first time around, as they know what it feels like right from the get-go. They’re less likely to simply mistake it for gas or indigestion.

Aches and Pains Start Sooner
If you suffered from pelvic pain or joint issues with your first pregnancy, the chances are excellent that you will have the same thing happen with your second pregnancy, too. However, you can probably expect such aches and pains to begin much earlier in your pregnancy than they did the first time around. Pregnancy can be quite stressful on joints, so be careful when lifting objects and doing things that may potentially make these problems worse.

Other Pregnancy Symptoms May Be Lesser
Some women have a really hard time with first pregnancy in regards to some of the symptoms such as morning sickness. However, since the body “remembers” being pregnant before, it’s possible that it such problems may not be such an issue the second time. In the end, it depends on the pregnancy, as well as other factors like the age of the mother and any pre-existing conditions she may be dealing with at the time.

Labor Will Probably Be Faster and Easier Overall
Although there will be no guarantees whatsoever when it comes to your labor and delivery process, many women experience faster, easier labors when they’re doing things the second time around. To begin with, your body has done this before so it is already pretty well prepared. Your pelvic muscles, uterus, and pelvic joints have all transitioned in order to make way for a baby in the past, so they are more easily able to do so again.

Your mind will also be better prepared when it comes to what to expect. However, you shouldn’t let the fact that you’ve been through labor and delivery once before let you wait too long before hitting the road and heading for the hospital. You may wind up being caught by surprise and delivering your baby in a parking lot if you’re not careful. Generally speaking, second labors progress much more quickly and easily than first labors, so err on the side of caution.

You can also address any questions and concerns with your doctor. He or she will be most familiar with your medical history and can give you an even better picture as to what to expect from a second pregnancy.

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