Huskies: What You Need To Know

There are an increasing number of Siberian huskies for sale in the UK: they are becoming a very popular breed of dog to own.  But a husky takes a lot of looking after and, for this reason, sadly many end up in rehoming or rescue centres run by animal charities such as the RSPCA.  If you are thinking about buying a husky (or adopting one), then read on to find out more about this breed to make sure that you are ready, willing and able to welcome one into your family.

Husky dogs are quite large and are strong: they were bred, of course, for pulling sleds. People often do a double take when they see a husky in the street because huskies bear a remarkable likeness to wolves.  Their similarity to wolves also extends to their other features: they are natural hunters and they communicate with each other through howls rather than through barks.  Their thick coats are designed to provide warmth and take a considerable amount of grooming to keep them in good condition.

Having been bred to work hard and exert themselves physically, husky dogs obviously need a lot of exercise.  They like to run and many owners find that if given the opportunity, their dogs will head for the hills in pursuit of whatever catches their attention and will be reluctant to return to their owner when called.  Therefore, tight control and a strict understanding of who is ‘the boss’ in your family have to be established early on, to ensure that your husky will obey commands even when distracted by something more interesting!

Huskies are not dogs that can be left alone all day whilst you are at work.  They need stimulation and exercise, and they love the social aspect of being part of the ‘pack’.  If they lack this, they can develop destructive behaviours and may cause considerable damage to your home.

If you see any huskies for sale, check that the breeder is reputable and has properly socialised the puppies.  Make sure that you meet the puppies’ mother and get an idea of her temperament; look at their living environment to see if they seem to have been properly cared for.  Alternatively, think about adopting a husky – many are abandoned or given to animal charities to be rehomed because their owners did not do their research properly and did not appreciate how challenging it could be to care for a husky.  If you are well-prepared and knowledgeable, there is absolutely no reason why a husky cannot make a great family pet.

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