Ideas For A Great Bachelor Weekend In Malta

Boys will be boys and a boy’s weekend or rather a bachelor weekend, is a special occasion where the men can really bond and have a highly enjoyable time. A lot of the time, the bachelor will opt for a weekend away and in this interesting and informative article, we are going to look at the beautiful and versatile island of Malta in the azure Mediterranean Sea. Malta is the perfect location for your bachelor party weekend for many reasons including that it’s a short flight from the UK and other European destinations. In this article we look will at the factors that make Malta such a great location and look at the many things the men can enjoy while on the bachelor weekend.

Malta For Your Bachelor Party Weekend

Here are some ideas that you and your friends can enjoy while on a bachelor weekend. We will include some leisurely, lots that are active and some touristy so you get the most out of bachelor weekend or if you are lucky enough, bachelor week.


What man does not like fishing and what better place than in Malta. Malta is known to have a temperate climate with over 300 days of sunshine so the chances of the weather being optimal are high. Also, they enjoy tranquil sea conditions which are great for a wonderful fishing experience. There are many companies that offer fishing charters for the day that cover all aspects needed. You and your friends are also able to take it to the next level on your bachelor weekend and enjoy sport fishing. Malta is home to an array of sport fish and smaller ones for beginners so grab your rods, some cold beers and spend the day at sea enjoying a one of a kind fishing trip.

A restaurant/pub crawl through the old city

Malta has an absolutely stunning old city that is full of history, 7000 years to be exact, beautiful cathedrals and importantly, many restaurants, pubs and bars to indulge in. In innovative and unique ideas for fun things to do on a bachelor weekend; why not organise a restaurant/pub crawl though the old city and not only indulge in food and wine, but also take in the touristic sites. Comprise a list of all the restaurants you would like to try and instead of eating a main meal only at one; why not sample a few small little dishes at each. Then head of to the different bars and pubs and enjoy a drink at each- the perfect ingredients for a great bachelor weekend.

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