Ideas for a modern and welcoming hallway worthy of selling for a good price

The hallway is usually seen as an unimportant space to decorate; however, what most people forget is that it is the first placeprospective buyers see when they step into your home. It is important for your hallway to look impressive as it will make selling your house sooner more likely. When you get to the stage where you do agree a sale there will be an approximate two month legal process of the house changing ownership. This will be done by a conveyancer. There are many conveyancers that you can choose from across the UK. If you are wanting more information on what they do, consider getting in touch with a conveyancing solicitors Manchester company, such as There are ways to maximise the space. It is worth looking into some of these methods on the article as the hallway sees hundreds of footsteps every day as people go in and out of the house, leave the downstairs of the house to go upstairs, and generally walk from room to room.

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Hallways suffer heavy footfall and it is for this reason they should be decorated with low maintenance vinyl flooring that does not need constant replacing. It is important to remember that flooring such as vinyl will take a lot less time to clean and maintain and is resistant to heavy traffic.

According to the Daily Mail, our carpets at home are full of bacteria and bugs that we are unknowingly tracking through the house. This can be avoided with vinyl flooring.

Light, airy colours

Pastel and beige tones are very popular in hallways, as they tend to be a rather dark area of the home with no natural light other than any the front door can offer
Adding carpet runners through the hallway in a bolder colour than the pastels or beiges gracing the walls can add a little personality to what was previously a plain area of the home; for example, adding either a deep red or blue to the hallway in the form of a runner can make the hallway stand out and look a little warmer.

Continuity is key

If you have open plan flooring through the downstairs of the home, create an illusion of infinite space by continuing your flooring throughout the house; for example, carry wood effect laminate through the lounge and dining room and into the hallway to create a uniform look. This will make it appear that you once one really large room rather than three separate areas downstairs. This is relatively inexpensive and a great way to use leftover vinyl, making your home look bold and bright with very little effort.

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