Ideas For A Romantic Valentines

When Valentine’s Day rolls around every year, there are certain ideas we read about over and over again. Fancy dinners, movie nights, sightseeing, heart shaped chocolates and red roses are things that we all know about, but not all of us enjoy a typical kind of Valentines’ Day. If you and your partner like to do things a bit differently, here are a few ideas on how to spend a romantic Valentine’s Day:

Ideas For A Romantic Valentines

Prank War

For the couples that love to laugh and tease each other, why not use Valentine’ s Day as a perfect opportunity to tease the heck out of your partner? You can play cute, romantic pranks or devastating, maniacal pranks. Hide chocolates under her pillow or switch out her shampoo with syrup. You’ll either hate each other at the end of the day or love each other even more. Then, at the end of the day, the winner gets one request from the loser. If you and your partner have got a bit of a mean streak, this might be the perfect way to spend the day.

Brewery Tour / Beer Tasting

Wine tasting has been done to death, so why don’t you take your partner on a brewery tour and have a beer tasting session? Not only do rich ales tend to taste better than some of the bitter wines you might be sampling elsewhere, but you’ll also find that you don’t get drunk quite as quickly as you would drinking wine. This means that there’s slightly less of a chance that one of you would be carrying the other person home. That is, unless you visit one of the breweries that also offer spirit tasting. In which case, good luck.

B&B Tour

If you’re interested in turning Valentine’s Day into Valentine’s week then one great way to spend it is with a Bed and Breakfast tour around Europe. Of course, you wouldn’t be able to make it all the way around Europe in a week. But what you can do is start in the south of France and from there you can get to Italy or Spain or Switzerland and make your way back up into Austria, Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium. In each place you can book a bed and breakfast to stay the night before getting back on the road and touring the west of Europe. You can choose the route and the cities you want to visit. If you’ve got a roomy car and a romantic mixtape, this could be the perfect romantic getaway. Just make sure to fill out an E111 form to renew your E111 card if you have one. Or, you can get an EHIC card for free from the official EHIC government website.

Take a Wine and Painting Class

Booze and art supplies always make for a great combination. You’ll find that there are lots of places where you and your partner can get tipsy and learn how to paint at the same time. You can take the class as seriously or as not seriously as you’d like and, at the end, swap paintings as a Valentine’s gift. If you don’t fancy painting, why not take a cocktails and pottery class? Or a champagne and cooking class? Or an alcohol and anything else you can think of class? Any class can probably be improved with booze, so take a look online to find one in your area.