Identifying & Managing Asbestos In Your Buildings

Asbestos is a serious problem in older buildings and therefore, must be dealt with professionally and efficiently. Professional asbestos removal services must be used and certain practices must be adhered to. There are a range of methods, plans and surveys to be carried out, depending on certain critical factors in the findings.

Asbestos Surveys

Asbestos surveys must be carried out in accordance to HSG 264 standard and all samples are then sent to an independent accredited laboratory for analysing, otherwise known as UKAS. Health and safety representatives trained in the area of Asbestos are used in order to guide and assist in the understanding of the level of Asbestos in a building etc. Asbestos surveys involve three key steps:  –

–       Identification

–       Inspection

–       Implementation

Firstly, identifying the asbestos is done through inspecting the premises that are thought to contain asbestos. Once the asbestos location(s) and the level of asbestos is identified, the implementation of an asbestos management plan can then be put in to place, in order to remove the asbestos in and effective,  efficient and most importantly safe manner.

There are different types of Asbestos Surveys that can be provided: –

–       Management Survey’s

–       Refurbishment / Demolition Survey’s

Asbestos Sampling

Qualified Surveyors should be used when carrying out asbestos sampling and should have a P402 proficiency certificate. Asbestos sampling consists of an on-site visit followed with a brief report to illustrate the findings then if needed, a full survey / report may be required. Your business / building are required to meet the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 (CAR), Regulation 4.

Asbestos Removal plans

Asbestos Removal Plans depend on the findings of the asbestos surveys; the type of asbestos, the severity and the location of the asbestos. Asbestos removal plans can also be known as Asbestos Management plans. As stated previously, the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 (CAR), Regulation 4 illustrates that the owner of the building are solely responsible for dealing with the asbestos .i.e. ensuring that they comply with the regulations.

Asbestos Prosecutions

As previously stated adhering to the laws surrounding asbestos is essential, only last year two contractors operating within the Greater Manchester area were both fined £1,500 each and ordered to complete 40 hours worth of community services each. Upon taking on a pub refurbishment they missed 32 different instances of asbestos use within the building putting themselves, other contractors and potentially the public at risk.

Cordtape asbestos removal and energy management services provide a range of energy related services as well asbestos surveying, asbestos sampling and energy management services predominently in the South Yorkshire & Nottinghamshire (East Midlands) regions

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