Impact Of The Internet On Information Security

There is very little you can’t do from your computer these days. The internet has allowed for a whole world of opportunities that may never have been possible but with these expansive opportunities there is also a larger threat to a person or businesses’ financial and sensitive information. Information security is big business and the presence of the internet has led to the need for further updates and developments therein.

Information security, specifically in relation to internet and web services, is a very technical area which requires highly trained individuals to ensure things run smoothly. Information security jobs are plentiful but individuals applying for such positions need to have up-to-date qualifications and the ability to deal with complex and regular updates to their workload.

The internet allows people the freedom to access and post whatever they like to a potentially worldwide audience and this has meant there needs to be a degree of control by individual users but also by those who attempt to manage and keep the internet secure. Keeping the internet secure in the workplace is much simpler than when people are left to their own devices. With simple blocks and controls the IT department and those working in information security jobs can ensure that workplace intranets remain safe from any potential dangers.

If you aren’t able to hire for an information security position within your company, these are the most basic measures anybody can put in place to ensure that they don’t succumb to potential information security risks when using their personal or business internet connection. Firstly, passwords are the major defence you have to protect your personal sensitive information. You need to ensure passwords are strong, a mixture of numbers and letters and kept completely secret. You also need to aim to change your passwords as regularly as once every month.

Secondly, you should invest in a quality virus and spyware protection software programme which limits or blocks completely any potential threats to your data security. The majority of these programmes will also be updated regularly so any new threats can be tackled immediately and have no chance of getting through to your personal files.

Finally, consider keeping your personal, social files and financial information separate. This could mean using separate email address for your social networking sites and online banking or PayPal account or it could mean backing up the different sets of data to separate locations. Keeping them completely separate means that even if your personal files become infiltrated your sensitive information can be kept safe.

The internet has been a revolution of modern technology which undoubtedly makes life much easier for many but the potential cost of a breach of information security, in both personal and business environments, is huge. Keeping yourself aware of changes in the industry and ensuring all your internet-connected devices are protected is the best way to ensure your information remains safe.

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