Importance Of Having Good Air Springs

There is no substitute for good air springs in a car. The quality of ride, whether you are looking for comfort or for handling, is incomparable to their steel equivalent. Of course, the higher the quality air springs you buy, the better your ride will be. But any decent quality air spring will ensure you never go back to steel springs.

Benefits of Air Springs

Good air springs offer several benefits not to be found in steel springs. The following are some of the top benefits of air springs.

Wide turning range: A good set of air springs will give you a wider turning range than you can expect from most steel springs without significant adjustments being required.

Progressive adjustment: Good air springs will allow you to progressively adjust them to the compression level you like, which allows for customized handling.

Soft or hard: By adjusting your air springs, you can choose just how soft or hard you want your car to ride. Good air springs are easily tuned, allowing you to quickly customize your ride with little effort.

Load bearing: Depending on your vehicle, you can use your adjustable air springs to carry heavier loads than would normally be possible.

Customized look: If you want your car to have a certain stance, it is easy enough to adjust for it using your air springs. Whether you want a forward tilt or backward tilt, you have the option with air springs.

Maintenance of Air Springs

Maintenance for most systems is not terribly complicated, but there are few things every air spring owner should know.

Drain your tank: People with air suspensions often forget this important maintenance tip, and wind up getting a lot of gunk in their system. Even though your air tank appears to be a sealed system, air is not the only thing found inside your tank. The compressor heats the air in the tank periodically. When that air cools off, water is produced in the form of condensation.

Condensation, when left in your system, can cause serious problems. This is especially true if you have a steel tank, where the water will pool in the bottom and create rust. Over time, your system can fill with orange gunk, getting into your valves and bags and wreaking general havoc.

Find the drain plug on your tank, and empty it out periodically. It will save you significant headaches in the future.

Know how to check for leaks: Soapy water is your friend. If you find that your system keeps draining down, you have a leak, and leaks only get worse with time. Using some dish soap and water will help you find the leak and fix it promptly.

If it is a slow leak, it can help to pump up your system to 100 psi or more to make it where you can locate the leak.

Are They Worth It?

Good air springs are worth every penny, and maintenance on them should be relatively easy. With customizable ride and comfort, combined with improved handling, air springs will change the way you look at driving.

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