Impressive Wooden Structures of the World

We don’t often see buildings made from wood in the UK. Our homes and businesses are primarily bricks and concrete. However, across the world, there are some pretty incredible structures being created using nature’s finest material. Here are just a few examples of impressive wooden buildings across the globe:

Wood Innovation Centre, Canada

As you can imagine, there’s no shortage of timber in Canada. The timber industry here wanted to showcase its skills and so constructed an 8-storey building to act as a Wood Innovation and Design Centre in Prince George, British Columbia. It serves as an educational and office space for the University of Northern British Columbia’s wood design program and consists of laminated veneer wood and an interior covered completely in wood.

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Tall Wood Building, Canada

Another example in Canada is the student residence on the campus of the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. Over 400 students will live here on 18 floors, making it the tallest wooden structure in the world. It stands at 174 feet in height and features 5 timber panels on each floor. There will be some metal paneling on the exterior for strength, but it’s still an incredibly impressive wooden structure. Inspired to have your own wood structure? Consider using Bespoke Oak Frames from

Kizhi Pogost Church, Russia

This structure boasts being the tallest structure in the world to made exclusively from wood. It rises to 123 feet and is found on Kizhi Island, Russia. The church was completed in 1862 and uses no metal whatsoever, even in the rivets and frame, although a steel frame was added in the 1980s. It features 22 domes and a vault, standing for 150 years without any support other than the timber it was constructed from.

Horyu Temple, Japan

The temple is the oldest still-surviving wooden structure in the world, dating back to over 1,300 years ago. It is a Buddhist temple constructed around a statue that includes a pagoda of 5 storeys in height. It’s not just the wood that impresses as the site is Japan’s first recognized UNESCO World Heritage Site and the 46-acre grounds also contain over 2,300 important historical structures.

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The Metropol Parasol, Spain

This fascinating building in Seville, Spain is an example of art and structure coming together. It can argue for the status of biggest wooden structure on earth as it spans over 136,000 square feet and four storeys. Inside you’ll find a community space, museum, bar and restaurant. The German architect cites his inspiration as the Seville Cathedral and nearby trees.

ATLAS-I, New Mexico

This is the acronym for the U.S Air Force Weapons Lab Transmission Aircraft Simulator which is located near Albuquerque in New Mexico, U.S. It boasts being among the largest wooden buildings on the planet, sitting on Kirtland Air Force Base and originally used for the testing of the effects of electromagnetic pulses occurring during nuclear explosions in the 1980s. The experiments couldn’t have any metal present and so this 12-storey, 1000-foot-long entirely wooden structure was built for the purpose.


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