In House Warehouse Surveillance And Covert Cameras

Covert cameras can be useful to companies not just to find out if someone is misbehaving but they can also help to get to the bottom of an accident.

Find Out Who Is Stealing From Warehouse
A client called in in the hope that we would be able to help him with his problem at work. He was sure, but could not prove that someone or some people where stealing from his warehouse. Obviously he knew that goods were going missing but it was hard to actually work out at what point in the sales process the goods were going missing. It was now happening on a regular basis and our client felt that he was now being taken for granted by his staff and other people involved in the warehouse.

Put Undercover Agents in the Loop
We had a few suggestions for him which included putting undercover agents into the warehouse in the hope of getting to know the culprits and getting in on the scam and installing covert CCTV cameras into key parts of the warehouse. Both of these methods have given excellent results in the past and our client is very keen to use both. The undercover agents were integrated into the warehouse over a few days and they were working on finding out that the ring leader was. It was quite a tight warehouse and it had a strict higher achy that the men prided themselves on. Luckily our agents were old school and very good at this kind of work and fitted in very well.

Film Robbery Taking Place
The cameras were fitted into the warehouse when no one was around. They were watched by the company director and our detectives. Nothing much happened on the first few evenings but toward the end of the week some activity began to take place and our undercover agents started to get in more with the thieves. It was rumoured that a big amount of equipment was going to be taken from the warehouse by some of the regular lorry drivers with the help of the warehouse supervisor. Some of the lorry drivers had been driving for the company for many years and where very good friends with the warehouse crew. This was the only worry our client had for the safety of our undercover agents.

Take Culprits to Court
True to the word of the undercover guys something big did happen. The undercover warehouse men were told not to go into the warehouse that evening. They were effectively given an evening off. This kind of behaviour is not unknown in this kind of environment and they took it in their stride. The other men told them that they would cover for them and to think of it as a gift. While the undercover men where away the cameras showed a group of warehouse workers involved in stealing some large equipment and some of the regular lorry drivers taking the equipment away. All the people involved were given a share of the money. When the culprits were taken to court they didn’t think that they had done anything wrong and that our client would be able to claim back the loss on his insurance. The men were given varying sentences and our client has kept the CCTV in the warehouse and we vet all his workers.

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