Inbound Marketing For ECommerce: How To Do It The Right Way

Inbound marketing is an important strategy for any business. Bringing in leads and potential customers for products and services is vital to the strategy and to the success of any ecommerce business. Understanding the growing trends in the world of ecommerce, as well as the growing trends of the World Wide Web in general, is key to success in this ever changing market.

Here are a number of things to consider when planning and constructing inbound marketing strategies for ecommerce websites, based on my experience while I was working on inbound marketing campaign for one ecommerce website.

There’s No Substitute For High Quality Content
With Google’s Panda and Penguin updates, there’s truly no substitute for high quality content. Low quality content has gone down even further in its authority in the search engine ranking pages, also known as the “SERPs”, making high quality content even more valuable and more profitable than before.
This trend is likely to continue throughout 2013 and as the years go on, making high quality content key for any SEO, or for any SMO strategy.

SMO, Social Media Optimization Will Gain Importance
Social media optimization, SMO, is very quickly gaining importance as an internet marketing strategy. The incredible power and effectiveness of social media networks for marketing is increasing, and it is very likely that the marketing potential for social media networks will continue to increase in 2013.

Social media networks are an easy and very effective way to reach customers. Social media networks also offer an excellent and efficient way for customers to get information about a business or a website, ask questions directly on the social media network page or profile of the business, share information or posts from a particular business and write about a particular or website or business.

Social media marketing is surely the wave of the future, and using it as a strategy along with SEO is very important for any business.

Pinterest Offering Excellent Marketing Potential
Pinterest, already used as an effective marketing strategy by many, is likely to continue to be an excellent marketing tool for many websites and businesses. Many people enjoy browsing Pinterest for hours per day, and sharing pictures on Pinterest is very easy.

Pinterest will likely continue to grow and become even more widely used throughout the world, making it an excellent marketing tool.

Mobile Optimization Will Become Even More Important
The trend of people using their mobile devices to access the internet and search is quickly rising. Many people now use their mobile devices for everything to doing research, making purchases, going on social media networks, and many other activities that they do online.

Understanding this trend is key to success for an ecommerce website now and in the future. It has been predicted by several studies that, by the year 2016, more people will access the internet with their mobile devices than with more traditional tools such as a laptop or a desktop computer. While the amount of people accessing the internet from their laptop or desktop computer will still be huge, tapping in the market of mobile search and mobile optimization now is clearly very important.

There are a number of things to consider when focusing on success strategies for inbound marketing for ecommerce websites now and in the future. High quality content, the power of social media optimization strategies, the growing market value of Pinterest as well as the importance of mobile optimization are all very important factors to consider for any inbound marketer!

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Ben Sawyer is an Internet Marketing strategist and a passionate blogger. Here are few most useful tips about inbound marketing based on his own experience while he was working on inbound marketing campaign for a Paramold, NYC company.

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