Industrial UPS For Airports – Vital Backup

Airports are required to have an industrial uninterruptable power supply, as without one, the loss of power would have serious consequences. Just imagine an airport without any source of electrical power. It would be complete chaos. There would be no end of system failures and security breaches, not to mention dangerous practices. The air traffic control system would go down, meaning that another airport would have to take over, and there would be no landing lights, which could potentially lead to fatal accidents. Not only would passengers’ flights be delayed, causing upset and frustration, but there would be widespread panic, leading to potential life-threatening situations.

A loss of power in an airport would cause numerous system failures and widespread panic

What is a UPS?
Uninterruptable power supplies provide practical solutions to short term disturbances and general power failures. They are a sensible and effective solution for businesses that rely heavily on electrical power to run their daily operations. Although they provide emergency power when the mains power is cut, they are different from your average emergency power system or standby generator. Uninterruptable power supplies store energy in batteries or flywheels enabling them to provide instantaneous electric power in the event of an interruption.

Uninterrupted power supplies are designed to prevent data loss and protect dangerous equipment from causing injuries and serious disruptions. They vary in size, ranging from small supplies which can protect single computers, to large units which can provide emergency power to a whole building. The type of uninterruptable power supply you install depends on the requirements of your business, the equipment that requires power and the risks you face in the event of a power cut.

Industrial uninterruptable power supplies for airports
Airports require uninterruptable power supplies which have been designed to work on an industrial scale. Due to the nature of the business and the risks it could encounter in the event of a power cut, the industrial uninterruptable power supply needs to be reliable, secure and consistent. Industrial uninterruptable power supplies are designed to operate for longer periods of time than commercial systems, enabling electrical power infrastructures to be repaired in the meantime. They also have to be able to withstand demanding environmental conditions such as high temperatures and humid conditions.

An airports demand for reliable, consistent power means that industrial uninterruptable power supplies need to be on-line 100% of the time. This ensures the highest level of battery backup power is in place to protect the infrastructure in the event of a power cut. On-line UPS systems break down the power and reconstruct it using the inverter, ensuring there is no outage in between.

Industrial uninterruptable power supplies are designed for businesses operating on a large scale

Bespoke solutions
As each airport’s electrical power infrastructure is different, there is a need for bespoke back-up power solutions. Companies specialising in supplying industrial uninterruptable power supplies have to evaluate each case on an individual basis, ensuring they meet the needs and requirements of the business. It is also essential that regular maintenance and testing is carried out at the most practical and convenient times. It would be no good finding yourself in the middle of a crisis with an uninterruptable power supply that is not functioning properly. Testing and maintenance should be scheduled and carried out by professionals only.

The different types of uninterruptable power supplies ensure that there is a solution to meet every businesses needs and requirements. Industrial interruptible power supplies are the only practical solution for airports and other large infrastructures which require consistent and reliable power on a large scale. By implementing an industrial UPS in place you can have the peace of mind knowing that you can guarantee the safety of your staff and passengers in the event of a power cut.

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