Influence Of Robotics In BPO Sector And Where Does It Lead Us:

Automation of processes plays a crucial role in the overall selection of a BPO service provider. After the introduction of robotics in the BPO industry, the manufacturing industry is now eager to work with robots than a conventional human worker. It is going to eliminate the hectic process that involves repetitive tasks performed by manpower. Also, software automation is and will continue replacing various repetitive tasks, which were previously handled by BPO backed offices.

RPA BPO is going to change the way people live and work. The pace at which robotics in BPO industry is accelerating, it can undeniably be said that it is soon going to replace all the human effort in Business Process Outsourcing or BPO, and Information Technology Enabled Services or ITES firms. It will simply be seen bridging the gap between the digital and physical divide. It is significantly come into play in the coming years, impacting millions of human lives and industries. Currently, the scenario of Automation in BPOs is evolving and there is a long way ahead to go. Today, more than 50% of BPOs are merely replicating the client processes at lower costs. However, in a technologically disrupted environment, the conventional methods used by the BPOs might be found obsolete or traditional. It might not give them as high outputs as they expect.

Clearly, automation of processes plays the principal role in selecting a BPO service provider. As we all know, in the manufacturing industry, robots have replaced the conventional human workforce that had been performing repetitive tasks. Also, processes involving simple data movement, checking, validation, and aggregation can be automated to reduce errors. Well automation itself ensures minimal error and tries the best to invoke better compliance, superior job satisfaction by eradicating recursive and wrong tasks, advanced analytical insights, and timely delivery of work. Robots in the BPO industry have widely been used in the IT and F&A processes of the BPO sector.

Today, BPO and ITES have come at par and raised high in the price. The higher the benefits from faster turnaround times are the higher efficiency and accuracy gets. It can lead to consequences like cutting down on jobs.

However, automation in the BPO and ITES sectors in India has come at a price. While the sector may benefit from faster turnaround times, higher efficiency and accuracy, it is cutting down on jobs and talent acquisition in the BPO sector at a larger level.

However, we all want to see and live the future with RPA and gain experience from all the Future of Automation in BPOs. In conclusion, all that we can say is that RPA in BPO is revolutionizing back office processes by replacing the repetitive tasks and promoting a virtual workforce. The future might have more robots than humans. But, currently standing at the inflection point, the strategy devised and adopted by various industry leaders will determine the fate of the BPO sector. It could either push forwards towards its own destruction or emerge out as a product of business innovation and good technology for a better tomorrow.

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