Ingrown Toenails- Causes , Symptoms And Treatment

Having ingrowing toenails is one of the most painful experiences that man can have.  This is because your nails will grow sensitive if you doubt this condition.  This article will try to help you understand the situation and give you tips on how you can handle the pain of having ingrown toenails in the future.

Definition of Terms
This condition is also known as Onychocryptosis which come from Greek words meaning hidden nail.  It is the most common form of nail disease.  The most prominent characteristic of this condition would be its being painful because as it is, ingrowing nails would increase in size within the toes itself which would cut into the side of the skin.

It begins with an inflammation of the paronychium because of microbes that may be incurred all throughout the day.  This most commonly occurs in the toenails although it can occur in the nails of both hands and feet.

Signs and Symptoms
There are many signs and symptoms that you should watch out for when it comes to this condition.  Some of these are listed below:

  • Pain in the margins of the nail
  • Gradual worsening of the pain because of tight footwear
  • Nail sensitivity

If you have this condition, your nails will be sensitive even to the slightest pressure from the outside environment.  In addition to this, improper cutting or trimming the nails will also produce symptoms of ingrowing toenails.

Major Causes
Now that we know the signs and symptoms of the condition, we will now go to the major causes that might serve as reasons behind ingrowing toenails.  Some of these major causes are as follows:

  • Improper nail-care
  • Shoes that don’t fit
  • Nail trauma
  • Predisposition to ingrown toenails (abnormally shaped nails, disease induced deformities, genetics}

Some doctors also describe this as having too much skin around the toenails.  The overgrowth of tissue around the toe nails can be the primary cause of the condition and therefore should be removed.

Treatment and Prevention
The most effective treatment for this condition would be to properly cut your nails.  Be sure to not over cut your nails so much so that you would end up cutting the flesh in your nails.  In addition to this, you should also be careful not to leave any remnants of nail parts within the nails itself.  If this happens, these remnants will cut into the skin and therefore cause an ingrown toenail.

Furthermore, you should always wear comfortable footwear so that your nails will be able to breathe through your shoes.  In this way, bacteria will not be able to fester inside your nails and cause infection.

As for treatment, methods can range from something as simple as soaking your nails in warm water or using antibacterial ointments and dental floss to serve as a tract for the nails.  Ultimately, surgery would be able to treat the condition by removing the affected nails effectively.

This way it is important for you to go to your doctors right away so that you would be aware of what options you would have in terms of treatment for the condition if ever you do encounter it in the future.

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