Innovation And Earnings Make Jeff Bezos Greatest Living CEO

Every year the Harvard Business Review publishes its list of the Top 100 best performing CEOs. This list differs from other similar lists because instead of just taking into account the accomplishments of a specific CEO during the course of the year it takes into account the entire career of the CEO and what they have done over the course of it. This year the recently deceased innovator and CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs, was the #1 best performing CEO on the list. The top performing CEO on the list that is still living was Jeff Bezos who came in at #2 on the list published by the Harvard Business Review.

The CEO of
Bezos is the founder, chairman, and CEO of Amazon is the premier e-commerce retailer on the internet. Bezos started the company in the mid-1990s. He got the idea during a cross-country drive from New York City to Seattle. Bezos was aware of the growing popularity of the internet at the time and was looking for a way to capitalize on it by selling products online. Was of the most intriguing things about starting the company to Bezos was the fact that a recent bill passed by the United States government made it possible for online retailers to sell products online without charging customers sales tax on their purchases. Amazon got its start selling books that customers were having problems finding in stores. Amazon now sells just about every product imaginable through its website.

E-Commerce Innovator
Bezos is popular with the purchasing public because of his innovations in e-commerce. One of the most popular of his innovations is the Amazon Kindle. The Kindle is an electronic device that makes it possible for users to download books directly to it. This eliminates the time waiting for books that they have waited on the internet for a book. It also provides users with the ability to preview books that they are interested in purchasing before they buy them. It is truly one of the most remarkable accomplishments in e-commerce history and it changed the way that people purchase and read books.

Investors Should Be Happy
Bezos is also very popular with Amazon shareholders. Amazon is well-known to be a good investment. During Mr. Bezos time running Amazon those that have invested in Amazon have seen their investment double over 124 times. This far exceeds what an investor would have to make in order to deem their investment a success.

Bezos is America’s greatest living CEO. This is because of his great innovations in the world of e-commerce. He is one of the founders of e-commerce and is still consistently pushing the bar and changing the face of the industry all the time. This can be seen in both earnings reports and his groundbreaking new products.

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