Innovative Learning Ideas To Ace The Exam

Exposure of new topics sometime creates problem for students. They may not understand it as easily as you think. So follow a strategized teaching method where you firstly judge the grasping power of student and then work on him accordingly. Get to know the way he learns and make him understand every simple and difficult topic concepts. A customized teaching methodology help students to deepen their learning by applying concepts and exploring new knowledge. They will only learn through effective participation and process it by solving different problems.

Here is the effective teaching procedure that can be followed to prepare students to face any exam challenges.

Conceptual Learning:

Incorporate engaging teaching ideas to make him learn and understand the concept clearly. Cover each topic with animated video sessions, real-life examples and diagrams to make the chapter more interesting. Try to teach in a simple and engaging way so that he can grab it faster. Don’t make him memorize the chapters but clear all the complex concepts that are important to study.

Clear all doubts:

Give him a platform where he can easily ask his doubts or any problem he is facing while understanding the chapter. Answer all the doubts and clear all the concepts. Allow him to solve different examples of different steps of difficulties for better learning. For instance ,if a student is geared up for JEE preparation, it becomes imperative for him to get all his doubts cleared as soon as possible. This will help him move forward with great pace.

Organize Test Series:

Innovative Learning Ideas To Ace The Exam

Once all the topic and related concepts are covered, test the student’s ability to apply concepts through test series. This helps in cementing all the complex concepts in the student’s mind. Go for Comprehensive test to ensure that student does not forget the concept after mastering it once. One can go through all the test series available on the tablet provided by Byju’s , like the CAT test series , UPSC test series and the like,

Adaptive Learning:

Ask them to prepare their own questions and solve them. Provide a comprehensive test to improve their learning skills. Chapter-wise MCQs, difficult level questions and much more can be added to this comprehensive test.

Performance Analysis:

Review every child’s performance, provide a detailed feedback to the student after assessing his abilities and adapting power. Share all the weak topics that he needs to work on.

It’s quite difficult to find all these learning techniques under one roof. But it’s not impossible So, switch to Byju’s to attain an effective learning methodology. Tap to 30 second engaging video lectures by India’s best teachers for an impactful learning. Get set to take your learning to the next level and score high this exam.

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