Installing A Camera In Your Car: Detect Theft!

Car theft is one of the most reported crimes the world over. Every few minutes a car is stolen somewhere and the owners are left with the task of informing the police, making statements and receiving crime numbers which are needed by your insurance company. Then you have to go over all of the information that you have just been through with the police with your insurance company. Some cars are found eventually but they may not be in the best condition when they are. Occasionally the thieves that stole the car are brought to justice, but more often than not they are unidentified and free to carry on taking what doesn’t belong to them. Surveillance cameras are used for security in many places from banks and stores to homes and offices, so why not include your car. The technology is there and widely available so why not put it to good use and have it protecting your car, one of your most valuable assets.

Ease of Use
A wireless camera can be positioned inside your car, with the digital receiver safely inside your home. It will record several hours of footage and will capture the image of anyone that comes close to your car or gets inside it. These cameras are small and lightweight and easy to install and what’s more the footage that you capture could be used to bring a thief to justice. Plus it might even have an impact on your car insurance premium too. There has been a rising demand for this kind of in car camera over recent years and the technology has adapted to meet the needs of its audience. There are now cameras that will record audio as well as video images, are able to take still shots of perpetrators faces and can even be used in GPS navigation when you are out and about. The more cameras you install the better view you will have of the area in and around your car.

Accident Recording
Another useful aspect of these cameras is that depending on the type of set up that you choose they can be used while you are driving, making them a very useful tool should you be involved in a road traffic accident. The police will be able to watch the video of the accident and see the other vehicles and drivers involved, and your insurance company will be able to see whether you were at fault or not and use the video evidence in support of your claim against the other party. They can even capture dangerous driving by other road users that can be brought to the attention of the authorities.

If you value your car and don’t want to see a stranger drive it away, make a point of investing in some video surveillance, it will probably cost you a lot less in the long run than the cost of repairing a car damaged by joy riders. Plus you can also use it when you are out with the family to take pictures of yourselves – just in case you forget your camera.

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