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When it comes to DIY time one of our main priorities is re-doing your bedroom. It’s the place you go to chill out and relax, get some ‘you’ time and regroup so that bright red poppy print wallpaper that seemed so funky a few years ago might not seem so great now.

Browse home decorating magazines for inspiration and rip out any pages you fall in love with to take to your local home ware store. Ask the sales assistants for help with colour choices as they will know things you might not have considered such as whether your wallpaper can be directly papered over or if it needs to be stripped first, all the best sellers and what customers have to say on how the colours come out once dry.

Most people tend to go for neutral colours like beige, taupe, cream and grey because they’re calming and go with everything but it doesn’t mean they’re boring. You can bring a neutral coloured room to life with textures instead of colours such as furry throws, woolly cushion covers and suede lampshades.

Other popular themes are morrocan and indian because of the calming connotations and the idea that the bedroom is a place separate from the rest of the rooms in your house so if the rest of the interior is more subdued and minimalist then don’t be afraid to make your room more personal to your tastes and let your imagination run wild. Go for oranges, purples and darker lighting with chandeliers and candle holders to cast light around the room. Lighting can turn around a whole feeling of a room either making it seem brighter and more spacious or more romantic and relaxing or you can go for a light which you can adjust yourself.

Look out for genius ways of storing your things so that they don’t ruin the theme of your room or the calming feel with any unnecessary clutter. Storage under the bed is the easiest way of hiding things you don’t need straight away although if putting everything away is impossible go for wooden, bamboo or wicker baskets that can still look chic and go with most themes. Wood gives a cosy, natural feel to a room and doesn’t need to be expensive, look for items on eBay or at auctions and car boot sales but remember to take measurements of the room along with you so you ensure everything will fit perfectly.

Charity shops are a great way to find little details such as mosaic mirrors, lanterns and candle holders that you might not be able to find on the high street.

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