Internship Tips You Won’t Learn Anywhere Else

Do you want to make your internship a success? Of course you do! Who wants to spend several months of their life in a torturous environment and glean little in return?! No one!Internship Tips You Won’t Learn Anywhere Else

Whether you hope to turn your internship into a full-time job or simply want to enjoy your internship as much as possible, there are several ways you can make that happen. Here are four tips to make your internship a success.

We know there are tons of blog posts out there that offer similar information. So, we’re going to stand out from the crowd. We are going to bypass all the common sense, run-of-the-mill information and give you tips you won’t read anywhere else!

1. Be Knowledgeable about Your Industry
You have probably just finished – or are in the midst of – several years of quality education. You have studied your chosen field extensively. You definitely know more than most outsiders. However, do you know enough to satisfy the insiders?

Become familiar with your industry. Know the ins and outs of what your company does and how that relates to the bigger picture. Read trade publications. Pay special attention to the popular topics, trends, and industry leaders.

2. Do an Online Audit
Take a minute to Google yourself. Go ahead. We’ll wait. What did you find? Anything surprising?

These days, nearly every employer is turning to internet searches to learn more about their prospective employees. What will a search unearth about you? Companies are looking for what is considered risky. Sure, most employers expect to find the occasional rant on a blog post or a less-than-flattering photo on facebook. Just make sure the overall impression is favorable. If not, see if you can do some damage control.

3. Become a Media Rock Star
Most of the upper-level management will be from an older generation. While no one expects them to be super tech savvy, everyone does expect the young, fresh-of-face intern to be an all-star in that department. Whether you actually are fluent in computers, technology, internet and social media is irrelevant. It is now a highly-sought after demand of your new internship. If you’ve been resisting a DIY education in this department, get over it.

Not only do you need to understand Foursquare, Facebook, and Twitter, you need to know how those tools are relevant to your new company. Take the time to learn media trends by demographics, mediums, and industry.

4. Practice Teaching Others
Now that you have this wealth of information, learn how to share it with others. This is a rare – yet critical – skill.

As we mentioned before, you’re likely to be surrounded by a fairly large boomer crowd. You stand to gain a lot from teaching senior management how to apply new technologies to their company.

Before your internship starts, take some time to practice teaching others about helpful technologies and media outlets. Ask a neighbor, parent, or professor if they are willing to be your student. Let them choose a topic and start teaching.

While you are educating, only do half the talking. Help your pupil to be comfortable asking questions and contributing to the lesson. After the lesson, write down your observations. Ask your student if he or she would feel comfortable doing the same.

These skills will help you when it is time to prove yourself in the workplace. You’ll become the sought after intern who is famed for much knowledge and the ability to share it. Your boss will be eager to invest in you because you have been willing to invest in the company.

Do you have any other helpful tips we left off the list? Let us know!

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