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Designer jewellery is sought after for their rather modern designs created by highly skilled individuals and are usually limited editions. They are made of precious or semi precious materials and are both fashionable and affordable.  Now days more and more designers are experimenting with semi precious metals like silver and other metals like steel, so that the pieces are affordable and offer a mid range product, between precious jewellery and the cheaper costume jewellery.

What makes designer jewellery special?
Designer jewellery is special because of the unique designs and is usually signature pieces with patented designs.  Designers these days are highly design oriented and fashion driven individuals with an in-depth knowledge of gemstones and various metals that are suitable for jewellery making. There are many successful designers who are in the trade more so because of their passion even though they many not have the required qualifications. They need to create designs that are suitable for easy production and are durable. They are the trendsetters of the industry and need to be in constant touch with the fashion pulse. They source their raw materials from different parts of the world and their designs keep changing with the season. They have to make the designs wearable and easy to produce in order to make it economically viable for the jewelers to market it. Many of the designer jewellery pieces are priced according to the popularity of the brand. The designs can be bold with a lot of stones used or simple intricate ones, their value adds up many folds when they are handmade by the designer.  They are not the mass produced products that are easily available, rather exclusive stuff created with a lot of care and passion. The designers usually tend to market their designs under a brand name and may be available from exclusive boutiques or in other reputed jewelers.

Buy designer jewellery UK from reputed jewelers

Jewelers these days do not necessarily design and manufacture their wares. They have begun to deal more in retailing; they usually promote a few designers and their range of products. There is a huge market of contemporary jewellery and it makes a good investment too. Since they are not made from artificial materials they are slightly highly priced but their value is equally high more so because of the designer’s signature.  These designer pieces are best bought from reputed stores that give authentication certificates on the products sold and they work more on customer relationship, so in case you need to buy more of the designers products or if you need after sales help, they will be more than happy to help.

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